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FF – My A Team

We’ve recently introduced my 2 favourite real-life boys to a bit of our childhood. It’s amazing how different kids’ tv was in those days. So I thought I’d introduce my 2 favourite fictional boys to the same bit of nostalgia. They seem to have enjoyed it…

Photo Copyright Bill Reynolds

My A Team

“I ain’t goin in no plane, fool!” Luke shouts, tying the broken crate onto the wreck we found.

“D’ya fix the transponder, BA?”

“I don’t actually know what that is,” whispers Luke, dropping out of character.

“Doesn’t matter, we gotta finish this tank before those mudsuckers get here.” Matty chews the popeye cigarette that’s acting as his cigar and props the scarecrow back up. “Look lively, Face, we need those cabbage guns ready.”

Face slumps again but Hannibal leaves him because the local air ambulance flies over at that moment.

“Murdock’s back. I love it when a plan comes together!”


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