FF – Back To His

Image copyright to Dale Rogerson

Back To His

I’ve never done this before. Coming over in the cab, my late Grandma’s voice was nagging. What if he’s a weirdo? What if he’s married? In my day, you didn’t just meet a man and go home with him.

Thanks, Grandma. These days, it’s this or the internet.

And it’s firmly a bachelor apartment. Most of the books look like props, unopened. Never read. But a couple show years of love and those might tell me who he is. Les Sept Femmes. Not one I know, but a quick google is enough. He reappears, grinning, as I grab my coat.


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28 responses to “FF – Back To His

  1. We’re all Googling this book now! 😂

  2. I’ve read a few des Cars books – those two, not yet… The ones I have read, I enjoyed and she must not judge him too harshly…

    • Hi Dale!
      Thank you for the photo, and forgive me for allowing my character to judge the owner of these books! The plot I found when googling this particular book was an ominous one, so I decided to have her freak out on that basis. Although I’m not sure judging a person by the books they read is necessarily the best plan.

      • Hey there Jen!
        Nah… no worries 😉 And yes, des Cars books often have dark plots and he does seem to be obsessed with the sex trade, now that I think of it.. Hmm… 😉

  3. His name isn’t Henry is it?

  4. I couldn’t find a translation of what this book is about and my french is no longer good enough to persevere – but I get the drift. 🙂

    • Haha, yes it took me a while to find an English plot. The one I found was a man asking women to give up a year of their life in exchange for fame and fortune. I’ve no idea how it plays out in the book, but my character was jumpy enough to find it ominous and flee. Rightly or wrongly, we’ll never know!

  5. Dear Jenn,

    I don’t know that I’d judge him by his book’s cover, but she should probably be a bit wary. 😉 Good one.



  6. When I googled Les Sept Femmes, I came up with “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” So, was he hunting for brides for his six brothers, or was he just a bit twisted?

    • Haha, I made a typo in the book title, sorry – although I absolutely love your interpretation… I’d be running too! The book I was refering to was the des Cars book in the middle-ish: Les Sept Filles. In this one (according to google!) the man asks women to trade a year of their life for fame and fortune. I didn’t like the sound of that kind of deal.

  7. Being the next woman in his life was not an option. My goodness, what if the book was ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?

  8. CGraith

    Perfect short story!

  9. Should have listened to Grandma. Glad she got out of there in time.

  10. Interesting story, but now I want to know, does she stay or does she go? 🙂

  11. Interesting story – I would say if in doubt, grab your coat and get out of there.

  12. google has all the answers

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