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FF – Copycat

Photo copyright Roger Bultot


It took hours. Hundreds of carefully-timed attempts. It was dark when we walked home – ten feet tall in bare feet, knowing that our sneakers had joined the lone pair we walked under everyday to school.

Mom went mad. Madder than two pairs of holey sneakers deserved.

Next day, we couldn’t walk that way: police tape, officers and white chalk marks on the ground. Mom walked us round the long way and said we must never go back there. Funny though, someone else had copied us in the night. I noticed there were four pairs of shoes up there now.


Unlike my character here, I never flung a pair of shoes over a telephone wire after school, but like them, I had no idea what it might have meant if I did. In case you are similarly unaware, here’s a Toronto Star article about the possible meanings. This photo reminded me a lot of Toronto, right down to the Raise Plow sign because it’s snowing again today. Sigh.,as%20signposts%20for%20drug%20dens.


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FF – Building up

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields‘ own photo today.

Building Up

As we climbed, I sensed something was about to happen. We always said we wouldn’t get married, that love was enough. But that day it occurred to me that an ancient temple, high above the city, would be the perfect place for you to propose. When you touched your pocket, I wondered what sort of ring you’d hidden there. By the time we reached the top, my heart was pounding as much from the anticipation as from the climb.

Then you pulled out your phone and as you snapped selfies, my heart was tumbling 7000 steps back down to reality.


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FF – Forbidden Fruit

My 2 favourite boys writing their vacation journals about Disney, so a few moments to write up my favourite fictional girl’s view of a tale as old as time.

Forbidden Fruit

If Eve was tempted by an apple, how crap must Eden have been?  Like, she ditched mangos and pizza for a granny smith? Maybe it was a honeycrisp. Much nicer.

She got bored of mangos, I guess. Sarah’s Mum leaves a bowl of Celebrations out all the time. Her Mum told Dad it makes Sarah not want chocolate because she can get it all the time. At school, Sarah trades her chocolates with Luke because his Grandpa gives him bubble gum on Sundays.

Maybe Eve did a trade with the devil – mango for apple. He must’ve thought it was Christmas.


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FF – The Cabin

Thanks to Lisa Fox for the image

The Cabin

There was an old empty cabin on the way to school. We’d laugh as we walked past, daring each other to go inside and meet the ghost of Farmer Woo. He’d been killed by wolves, or on a moonshine run, or at the hands of pirates. We were 200 miles from the nearest coast, but that was just another part of the mystery.

Then one day, there was smoke from the chimney and a boy like us chewing grass on the wall outside. He’d come to stay with his Grandpa, he said. Did we want to come over and play?


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FF – Childhood Hero

Image copyright Anne Higa

Childhood Hero

Growing up, Uncle Jerry was my hero because he had one leg longer than the other. He’d show us kids. “Look, ma leeeft leeeg’s longer. Jus’ started that way when I’s fifteen. ‘Swhy I ne’er got called up.”

I noticed as a teen that sometimes his reet leeg was the longer, and then my Mum let slip how Uncle Jerry had a medal for valour. So I started to push a hip forward a little and tease my little cousins that I inherited Uncle Jerry’s condition and they’d better watch out in case one day they woke up the same.

Addendum: apologies to those who read the early version without the last word. Not sure how that got missed but I love your ideas as to what it should have been.


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