FF – The Cabin

Thanks to Lisa Fox for the image

The Cabin

There was an old empty cabin on the way to school. We’d laugh as we walked past, daring each other to go inside and meet the ghost of Farmer Woo. He’d been killed by wolves, or on a moonshine run, or at the hands of pirates. We were 200 miles from the nearest coast, but that was just another part of the mystery.

Then one day, there was smoke from the chimney and a boy like us chewing grass on the wall outside. He’d come to stay with his Grandpa, he said. Did we want to come over and play?


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35 responses to “FF – The Cabin

  1. This has the startings of a great adventure I feel. Nice one, Elmo.

  2. Real life getting in the way of a good story once more! But at least they will have a new friend. Nicely done.

  3. Not so empty after all! And a new friend, to boot )

  4. Oh, I love where you took your story, Elmo. A new friend is better than any fictional imaginings.

  5. Dear Jen,

    So much for Farmer Woo. 😉 A nice way to bring an end to the mystery.



  6. I would be careful. But I’m a pessimist.

  7. Ha Ha … there’s always one spooky house in the neighborhood to tease scared friends. And, now a new friend to frighten. I love this …
    Isadora 😎

  8. You took me back to the magical moment in my childhood when a new kid moved onto the street. There was no circling, no manoeuvering, no judging. You just went straight out and palled out with them. Great stuff.

  9. Mysteriously heartwarming – Very nice. 😊

  10. It’s a trap. Run from the ghost kid.

  11. And then….and then….and then, along came Jen. 🙂 Well done.

  12. You can’t beat the curiosity of children. There was a lovely ending and a new friend to the group.

  13. Liz Young

    I hope you accepted the invitation?

  14. The ghost of Farmer Woo! I love that. I have my fingers crossed that the boy is as he seems – but who knows?

  15. Ooh, so it wasn’t empty after all. Or was it? This is full of intriguing possibilities, well done.

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