FF – Forbidden Fruit

My 2 favourite boys writing their vacation journals about Disney, so a few moments to write up my favourite fictional girl’s view of a tale as old as time.

Forbidden Fruit

If Eve was tempted by an apple, how crap must Eden have been?  Like, she ditched mangos and pizza for a granny smith? Maybe it was a honeycrisp. Much nicer.

She got bored of mangos, I guess. Sarah’s Mum leaves a bowl of Celebrations out all the time. Her Mum told Dad it makes Sarah not want chocolate because she can get it all the time. At school, Sarah trades her chocolates with Luke because his Grandpa gives him bubble gum on Sundays.

Maybe Eve did a trade with the devil – mango for apple. He must’ve thought it was Christmas.


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14 responses to “FF – Forbidden Fruit

  1. Maybe Eve conquered the market

  2. I like the illogical logic and how having too much of a good things makes you dislike it. I am not surprised Eve went for the apple, since poor Adam’s rib was hurting and he could hardly breath, not much company having a moaning man around.

  3. To think, if there jad been pizza, we never would have fallen!

  4. As long as it remains on Eve, I’m sure things will never change. Well done.

  5. Clever. I’ve never wondered about it being a boring old apple that did all that damage. Maybe you’re right and there was a trade agreement somewhere along the line. I’ll take a mango over an apple any day myself. I wonder if Sarah’s mum is happier for Sarah’s teeth to be eaten away by the traded bubble gum than the Celebrations. I wonder if she knows.

    • I’m glad you picked up on the limitations on Sarah’s mum’s plan. I know a few kids who are allowed unlimited ‘treats’ of one sort or another and it works to a degree, but they mostly seem to latch onto something else as special.

  6. Dear Jen,

    Nothing beats a really crisp sweet apple. 😉 Coat it with caramel and put it on a stick and it’s even better. 😉 Interestingly, nowhere does it say the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was an apple. At any rate, I enjoyed your piece which gives one pause. And let’s talk about Adam’s part in this. No innocent bystander there.



    • I actually like apples, even without the caramel, and I take your point about the Bible not specifying, but I think what Melanie learned in her fire and brimstone Sunday school could well have been the apple version. And the Adam-is-innocent version too.

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