FF – A Rose

I’m on the cover of the book, at the start of the credits. They adore me, and they never see you: the roots that ground me, the strength that holds me up, the sustenance to my beauty. You put in the effort, but all they see is how I bloom.

Or wither. They study my thorns and they pluck my petals. Even in death, I’ll be something else for them to pick at and treasure.

I know you sometimes wish you had more of the limelight; the credit where it’s more than due. But I’ll shelter you from their adoration.


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30 responses to “FF – A Rose

  1. Very good. Being hidden from public view can have pros and cons.

    • Indeed. I am finding it hard to avoid news about Johnny and Amber right now. Whatever the rights and wrongs between them, it’s being played as a freak show for the public and I find that disgusting.

  2. CGraith

    Brilliant discourse. That’s my first impression. A unique approach to the assignment.

  3. Thanks Neil. The wind beneath our wings should be recognized but public adoration is a mixed blessing

  4. Dear Jen,

    I found the Johnny and Amber reference in your comments. I have to say I’ve paid little attention to them. Publicity and being in the limelight are a mixed bag, aren’t they?



    • I’m trying to avoid paying any attention, Rochelle. This story isn’t just about them, of course, but it’s a classic example of a very private situation being beamed around the world. People feel a sense of entitlement to every piece of celebrities’ lives, whether it’s struggles with body shape or addiction, dating and divorces… everything is for public consumption.
      I would hate to live on display like that.

  5. If celebs had to survive on my attention, they’d all starve. Interesting swing at the prompt, Jen. Well done.

    • I know what you mean, Bill. I’ve never really understood the fuss; we don’t know them, we just know the characters they portray.

      • I just now put down the book I’m reading, “Hollywood”– a memoir by Larry McMurtry. What a crazy business and crazy world, yet also wonderful.

  6. I enjoyed reading this well written piece. It could easily be a metaphor for many relationships at all levels.

  7. This is showing the dichotomy between fame and acknowledgement perfectly. Only ever being in the background can smart, I suppose, but who would want to be constantly under scrutiny? Maybe fame loses it’s appeal over time. If it didn’t make people so horribly rich, perhaps it would.

  8. What a great take on the prompt. It is so hard to avoid all the brouhaha being talked and written about – now with Johnny and Amber – other times with whoever makes the covers. As far as I am concerned, these trials should be closed door. It’s none of our business!
    Like Neil, I love that last line, too!

    • I agree about closed door. I don’t think there’s a need for so much to be publicised. Johnny and Amber just the latest in a line of high profile people treated this way.

  9. I enjoyed your story. It’s very poetic and flows beautifully. I didn’t know your reference until your comments. I rarely pay attention when celebrities are involved. Nicely written!

    • Thanks Brenda. The reference to Johnny and Amber is just one example; as long as the story worked for you, it doesn’t matter to me what you got from it.

  10. The limelight smothering those in it.
    Too bad they feel we need to know.
    Interesting way you unfolded a timely subject.
    Have a good weekend … Isadora 😎

  11. Lovely and provocative prose.

  12. Very interesting ideas in this – the adoration showered on the ‘roses’ in our society is a double-edged sword. Beautifully told.

  13. It is so hard to be the star. A rose has so much to live up to and far too many tests always to be expected to be able to pass with flying colors

    • I don’t think many of us would enjoy having our lives watched and dissected to the degree many celebrities experience. Better to remember that they are people, than to place them on a pedestal. That way we don’t feel as invested when they inevitably fall short.

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