FF – Like a Mother

Photo copyright belongs to our great leader, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Like A Mother

There’s a picture by my desk of me swimming: head down, 100% focussed. It’s impossible to think and swim, worry and swim, write, dream, even parent and swim.

It’s there to remind me what that feels like. Because here I can multitask like a mother. Field demands for snacks and calls for slide decks, while drafting an email about a spreadsheet I’m completing in another tab. The picture’s half-covered by a post-it reminder to book a PAP and any minute the washing machine will siren for attention.

But in the water, I’m pure and free and all the way in.


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23 responses to “FF – Like a Mother

  1. Everyone needs that place to escape to, even if only mentally for a moment. Well done.

  2. Fresh & relatable.

    I have written about the pool of water too! 🙂
    The Missing Girl – Anita Sabat

  3. A day in the life of a mum.
    The non stop spinning wheel…
    Great story.

  4. You really captured that world I used to enter when I set off on my 30 lengths of the swimming pool. Somewhere apart.

  5. The title told me that this could go several ways. In the pool, the water is magic for the mind. Well done, 🙂

  6. I like how you enjoyed your moments of escapism from daily chores. Lovely.

  7. michael1148humphris

    I find swimming in the sea or a river bliss. But these days I would need a thermalised wet suit. 🙂

  8. We certainly need something that can totally absorb us to escape from daily demands. Even though it’s many years ago now that I was kid-wrangling, I still remember the desperate need for some time just to escape into myself for a few moments. Well told in this story. It took me back.

  9. Beautifully written. For me, playing the piano is my swimming pool. I can disappear into the music 🙂

  10. Dear Jen,

    So true of swimming. It’s my great escape, although I have had some writing ideas pop into my head while skimming through the water. When my children were younger, I’d go to the Y and swim at 0530.
    Such a wonderful write. So many facets to a mother’s life. So many tasks and commitments. You’ve captured it well.



    • Thanks, Rochelle. I would love to swim at the moment – hopefully something I can reintroduce soon, but I’ve been saying that for years and it’s never happened. A resolution for my 40s, perhaps.


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