FF – Get Well Soon

You all said it was good to cry last week and nobody wells me up like my favourite recurring character, Melanie, so here she is again. If you enjoy her story, click here for many more snippets from her world.

Photo copyright belongs to our leader, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Get Well Soon

You’re allowed to lie when you’re sick. Mummy always says “I’m fine” even when she hasn’t got out of bed all day. She used to tell me we had to say “Thank you, it was delicious” when we gave back casserole dishes, even when it really wasn’t. Mummy said it was delicious and I had to learn to be less picky, but that was another lie.

When she first got sick, people sent casseroles all the time. Casseroles and flowers. Once we got a balloon, like it was her birthday, but it said Get Well Soon. The balloon lied too.


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27 responses to “FF – Get Well Soon

  1. poignant story. i’m not going to lie but what’s left unsaid says it all.

  2. I wonder how it is we learn the rules about when it’s alright (and sometimes obligatory) to lie

  3. A sorrowful but often real tale. Very well done.

  4. Dear Jen,

    From the mouths of babes. Touching story from the child’s POV.



  5. Oh, how sad. Children often see things adults don’t.

  6. Well done, Jen. Kids pick up on things much faster than adults give them credit for. Hoping Mum pulls through.

  7. What a conspiracy it is when even the damn balloons are part of it. Well done, Jen.

  8. It’s sometimes wise to tell white lies. A delightful tale of childish innocence..

  9. Sometimes the drive to sound upbeat and positive can be the hindrance to accepting the moments we actually have.

  10. Melanie’s learning. I hope she doesn’t have to learn the ways of the world too soon – fingers crossed Mummy gets better eventually. Lovely story.

  11. Real life through the eyes of a child. I wish mummy’s words and those on the balloon had been truthful. Such a poignant story, Jen.

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