FF Rerun – True Love

Rochelle has gifted us a rerun today, so here’s my story from back in 2013!

Back then, I told Doug I’d save my extra 50 words allocation for another time. I guess this is me using them!


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15 responses to “FF Rerun – True Love

  1. Dear Jen,

    There you go. It only took 9 years to come back around to redeem your extra 50 words. It was a beautiful story then and it still is now.
    Incidentally, my mother was a war bride. She wore a light blue afternoon dress and eventually dyed it black to make an attractive evening dress. One which I’ve worn on occasion. Glad you shared. I kind rewrote my rerun but it’s basically the same story. 😉



    • I hope you are well, Rochelle, and that the rerun isn’t a sign of a backslide on the health front. I love the story of your Mum’s dress – many of us certainly get very worked up about a dress we’ll wear once these days. Our ancestors were much more sensible and what a lovely feeling you must have when you wear it.


      • Dear Jen,

        I assure you I’m quite well, but crazy busy the past couple of weeks on top of having been ill. I seem to have escaped the long term effects of COVID and am back to “normal.” I didn’t have the headspace this week to come up with something new. Although I did do a bit of edit-tweaking of the original story.
        As for the dress, it’s a bit worn since it’s 80 years old.
        Thank you for your concern. ❤



  2. What a delightful story! A long and happy marriage is one of the greatest blessings there is.

  3. A lovely story then and now,

  4. A lovely story worthy of a rerun, I look forward to reading it again in 2031!

  5. I think I am back in the right place. Nice story and back-story, Jen. 🙂

  6. They were obviously right for each other. And I’m glad they had such a long marriage. So many young people lost their partners in those war years.Lovely story.

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