FF – Late Night Drinking

Image copyright Fleur Lind

Late Night Drinking

“It’s not there.” His voice startled me. I’d been twenty miles away in another bar, watching Jason walk away. Wondering why.

I looked up. The man was maybe fifty. Salt and pepper good-looking. Like George Clooney but without the smile.

“The answer. It’s not there.”

“Where?” I asked.

“Nothing at the bottom of that glass but glass.” He said, pointing to the drink on the bar in front of me. “Trust me, I’ve finished a few of those.”

In spite of myself, I laughed. “Maybe you just haven’t found the right glass yet.”

“Another one, then? We can look together.”



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30 responses to “FF – Late Night Drinking

  1. Dear Jen,

    Could be the beginning a friendship? Or maybe not. At any rate, loved the dialogue. I felt like I was there. Nicely done.



    • It’s funny, I originally thought it was definitely not the beginning of a romance. Now I’m beginning to wonder. Either way, misery likes company, so sad-Clooney is probably better than drinking alone.

  2. michael1148humphris

    Could this be the DT’s, perhaps I am to sober to know.

  3. Sounds like a promising start. On the face of it. On the other hand…

  4. If he looks like Clooney, how can she resist? Maybe she can bring back his smile 🙂

  5. it wasn’t that obvious, but a great pick up line for sure. 🙂

  6. A story of cautions and possibilities. Excellent.

  7. Kindred spirits methinks! Nice one.

  8. Well, ya never know! Maybe they’ll find something else 🙂

  9. Smooth pick-up line 🙂

  10. Two miserable people are better than one miserable person?? Is that possible?
    Perhaps she should give herself time to heal.

  11. I like how this story goes. I suppose my imagination will have to take it from here. Maybe even magic wine glasses. Nicely done, Jen.

  12. Very casual, but not a line I would use.

  13. Ooh la la! Love that dialogue. Somebody’s going to forget about their troubles…

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