FF – Customer Service

Image copyright Roger Bultot

Customer Service

There’s a narrow window when it’s great to eat out. Not too cold, or too hot; it isn’t raining, and the wasps haven’t started to swarm, the mozzies aren’t biting and the pigeons aren’t dropping extra toppings onto your dessert.

And then there’s the rest of the year, when there’s always one couple. “Can we sit outside?” they sound apologetic. They sound like I could say no and they’d accept my advice.

And then they seem shocked when conditions mean they have to dash in, panicking. And they don’t even know about the extra toppings I’ve added to their dessert.



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27 responses to “FF – Customer Service

  1. Uh, oh… not a great place to sit and eat. Better to be inside – safe and cosy!

  2. There is a sense of wicked mischievous doings in this, or just a misunderstanding.

  3. Dear Jen,

    Customer service indeed. I love the descriptions in these. Of course I wonder what topping has been added to the dessert at the end. Wickedly funny.



  4. We don’t dare eat outside here, the gulls seal our food!

  5. I do like to sit out for a meal, but Scotland is not the most accommodating place to do ot very often!

  6. We have a semi-fast food place that caters to those with rambunctious children in a not-quite-that-bad outside area. It seems to work fine, but the heat makes it difficult for adults. I pass on outside even though it is safer. Well done, Jen.

  7. The last line was deviously good! This was a great story!

  8. michael1148humphris

    I wonder could it be a mind altering topping perhaps, quite sour so do not return

  9. Ha! That’s a very fun take on the prompt. Servers have always had it tough. After Covid, it got even worse.

  10. Beautifully set up. Extra toppings from the pigeons. Ew!

  11. Perfect descriptions of that “perfect” window. I’m guessing the patrons wanting to eat outside did not know it was not THAT window. Having done this job, I can say I’ve never given extra topping – no matter who deserved them.

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