FF – Earth’s Finest

I missed last week to fight off a virus you might have heard of. Yes, 2.5 years in, I finally caught covid. I’m grateful for the vaccines, I was pretty grotty for a while there, so I’m glad it wasn’t worse. Getting better now, but lots to catch up on, in particular about a million boxes still to unpack and the kids are antsy because we haven’t unearthed their bike helmets yet.

But I can’t miss 2 weeks of FF or I’ll lose the habit, so here’s my 100 word story.

Photo copyright Brenda Cox

Earth’s Finest

“ALL LOCAL PRODUCE” the sign says. “LOWER YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT… SAVE OUR PLANET” and a little chalk globe, green and blue vaguely indicating land and sea without committing themselves to which of either.

Cardboard straws annoy me and I sometimes forget my own cup, but I’m trying, so I step inside, study the delicious cuisine on offer, inhale the scents of planet-saving food.

The guy behind the desk tells me how dropping our food miles reduces island flooding. He pauses to take a swig from his water and the whole world crashes down. 500ml of hypocrisy, from 5000 miles away.



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28 responses to “FF – Earth’s Finest

  1. It’s a tough philosophy to stick to all the time, but using tap water should be straightforward for those that have it! Nicely observed. Hope you’re feeling better.

    • Thanks, Iain. Yes, I think we’ll all occasionally be caught short and glad to be able to buy water, but it seems to me an easy thing to avoid most of the time. And even then, I refuse to buy international!

  2. michael1148humphris

    Today I had visited a house, with a rather large vegetable and fruit garden, all the produce being allowed to decay, so very wrong

  3. Nice commentary on the water issue.

  4. Great story with a firm message! Well done and enjoy your break!

  5. Great tale, cracking last line, good stuff

  6. Good to hear you’re feeling less “grotty” (a new word for me). So many people I know seem to be catching the virus after such a long time.
    I hope the bike helmets are soon found.
    A thoughtful story, Jen. It seems we waste so much on packaging. Well done and I hope you are soon fully recovered.

  7. With the best will in the world, it’s not always easy to be true to our own beliefs.

  8. Dear Jen,

    Plastic doesn’t do much for the environment, does it? It irritates me that we used to have recycling in our town until they changed waste companies. I guess Belton didn’t care to pay extra for recycling.
    I enjoyed your story and am glad you’re feelng better. I’m also thankful for the vaccines. I wonder how much worse it would’ve been in June without them.
    Good to see you back this week.



  9. I hate it when the “Save the Earth” advertising is all hoopla and hot air. Actions always speak louder than words.

    Glad covid didn’t keep you down for long. My 10 yr.-old granddaughter is recovering from it as well.

  10. The truth; the planet will survive any change, it is human lives that are in danger from themselves.

  11. Thought-provoking story, Jen. Glad you’re feeling better.

  12. CGraith

    Glad you beat that virus back and clearly you are well to write a top quality 100 words. If only deception were not so marketable and truth was the standard! I like how you incorporated the water bottle in the forefront of the photo.

  13. Well someone’s not practicing what they preach.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Covid finally found me this month, too. Feel like I was robbed of over two weeks, but doing better now. Nasty bug, that Covid!

    Your story ended on the perfect note! Beautiful set-up 🙂

  15. this reminds me of preachers who say, “do as i say, not as i do.” 🙂

  16. Great ending and so true, like people who jet around on a private plane talking about environmental concerns. It’s very hard these days to be totally committed without a lot of inconvenience.

  17. I didn’t even think of the bottle of water sitting there. Very creative!!

  18. Hypocrisy everywhere.

    Nicely done. Take good care of yourself

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