FF – Heck of a Shadow

Bit of a cheat this week; I couldn’t figure out how to cut this one shorter without losing a favourite line, so I took the last one and made it the title. I hope you’ll forgive me! 😉

Photo copyright David Stewart

Heck of a shadow them towers cast. Longer now than when they was standing.

I ain’t never been out East, it’s a heck of a journey and the girls wouldn’t like it. Who’d bring ’em in? Milk ’em? Help bring their littl’uns into the world?
So I didn’t see them towers when they was there and I sure ain’t seeing ’em now they gone. More concrete in that hole in the ground than this entire prairie, I’d say.
But they hit me when they fell. James was gonna run the farm when I’s gone; but he did his part and they sent him home forever, just like his granddaddy, and his grandaddy’s daddy before.



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29 responses to “FF – Heck of a Shadow

  1. Interesting take, though now that you point it out, I do see it. They do still cast quite a shadow. And who’ll take care of “the girls” when he’s gone?

  2. michael1148humphris

    A sad story, sadly disasters do cast a very long shadow

  3. I thought of that from the image too, although didn’t write it in the end. Glad I left it to you to do so well 🙂

  4. Haunting! I, too, say the towers in the shadow… just couldn’t bear to write about them. My borning day was that week… why I now celebrate my Naming Day instead… it’s in April.

  5. Heck of a tremendous shadow those towers cast through the generations! Well done using the title to include that essential phrase.

  6. CGraith

    We saw the same thing in those twin towers…seems like your character is taking better than mine!

  7. Dear Jen,

    Those towers do cast quite a shadow even 21 years later. Clever title that. Well done.



  8. A sad and interesting story.
    I presume James died when the towers fell.

    • Thanks C-a-h. In my head, James joined the armed forces and headed to Afghanistan after the towers fell, then died there, but it was ambiguous in the final cut; your version works too.

  9. Interesting story, Jen.

    Gave me pause to think on several levels. 🙂

  10. Wonderful. One of your best 🙂

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