FF – House Move

Photo credit: Alicia Jamtaas

House Move

(A true story)

“Label all the boxes,” I said, for the hundredth time. “We need to be able to find things when we get there.”

I passed around Sharpies and glared at anyone who suggested they might get to it later.

Of course, a computer is only as good as its programmer and a label is only as good as its writer.

So I stand here, in front of a wall nearly high enough to keep Donald Trump happy, and every single box is labelled. I should find my boots no trouble.

Except a full 24 of the boxes are called “Basement: Misc”



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24 responses to “FF – House Move

  1. Insufficient instructions, evidently. What did she expect?

  2. Moving is a pain. Moving “blind” is worse. Funny punchline.

  3. Haha, the old miscellaneous filing system! Made me laugh 😃

  4. I’ve moved often enough to know it’s best to label each box myself 🙂

  5. Ha! we’ve all been there! Good stuff

  6. Miscellaneous is a great category for contents when moving. It sits alongside,’running out of time to sort and pack,’ and ‘panic stations.’

  7. Oh I have sooooo done that. I feel your pain,

  8. LOL! I loved reading this.
    And the donald trump reference was great.

  9. I remember my wife and I having two such stacks, MISScellaneous and MISTERllaneous!

    Here’s mine!

  10. hehe! Always works that way! I spent time being careful to label things and ask people to put things in the room that matches the label… That’s why my dishes ended up upstairs in the linen closet… hubbys’ stuff, though was put exactly where it should be… go figure.

  11. Been there. MBR-MISC. LOL Well done, Jen.

  12. Dear Jen,

    I feel your pain. Our last move was fifteen years ago and there are still unpacked boxes in our subbasement. Well written. Hope you find those boots before it gets too cold out.



  13. I can relate to this! I’m not sure which I dislike more…packing or unpacking. Good twist at the end, the ol ‘Misc’ trick. haha!

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