FF – (Rererun) Spirit Lamps

Rochelle has gifted us a rerun today, except when I looked closer, it’s a re-rerun. Still, my story features two of my favourite characters, so here they are again.

Not sure what it says about how long I’ve been Friday Fictioneering when things come back for a second time 😉



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8 responses to “FF – (Rererun) Spirit Lamps

  1. I’ve been around long enough now to have already read and liked the re-run! Where does the time go!

  2. Dear Jen,

    It’s nice to know that someone has stuck by side all these years. 😀 Thank you I still love Melanie.



  3. It’s still all new to me. 🙂 So, well done, even if it was long ago on a planet far away.

  4. I’ll take the spirit lamps over the rigidity of a too-perfect overseer any day. Good story!

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