FF – Practice makes Perfect

Thanks to Bill Reynolds for this week’s photo. One part stood out to me.

Practice Makes Perfect

“Why do I have to practise every day?” he used to ask me, torturing that guitar just as I was torturing him. He loved being able to play, hated the process of getting there. If he could make it play the notes that was enough for him. Why should he practise again and again just to add timing and emotion?

Practising became playing, and playing eventually became gigging and riffing. One day, he’ll have a kid of his own who wants to be able to play but doesn’t want to learn. I wonder if he’ll torture them with practice too.


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35 responses to “FF – Practice makes Perfect

  1. It was the endless practice that made me give up, and how I regret it now!

  2. Nice rinse and repeat loop

  3. Dear Jen,

    You bring back memories of squeaking clarinets and drum lessons. It’s hard to block out drumming in a small house. 😉 Lovely story.



  4. I was one of three brothers each of whom learned a different instrument. You needed earplugs when visiting our house!

  5. Oh, yes, Jen.
    So true. So real. I have a good chuckle over the many memes where the observer credits talent while the (artist, writer, dancer, musician, etc.) keep trying to credit hard work and practice.
    And yes, he does — every day when he can. 🙂

  6. No pain, no gain. Glad Mom made him stick with it, and yeah, he’ll have to go through her pain one day lol. A tale as old as time!

  7. this reminds me of my dad. he tried to teach me how to play the violin and eventually gave up. 🙂

  8. I love your interpretation of the prompt. I saw a garbage bin … and you saw a guitar LoL Love it! I used to play classical guitar 4-6 hours of practice every day.

  9. And, the cycle continues on. My mom tortured me with learning the piano, and I tortured my daughter. We were glad in the end! Nice slice of life. 🙂

  10. I felt the pain in this one :). I longed to have piano lessons as a kid, but there was no money for that. So I’m taking lessons now, practicing scales and arpeggios and songs over and over, just like a kid, and I love every minute of it 🙂

  11. So true, the greatest of rewards is overcoming the inertia and reaching a sense of achievement.

  12. Sometimes it “takes” sometimes it doesn’t. Nice slice of life story.

  13. And then there are those kids – like a couple I personally know – who would practice, and practice, no matter the ‘torture’ to others’ ears (while they get the hang of fingers, breath, and string), because the process hold them without need for urging. And the joy in their eyes when they get the piece, the chord, the note, right, is a marvel to behold. Tortured ears and all.

  14. Oh yes! So true…I should practice my Uke more often. But life gets in the way…and writing…and reading… Great story 🙂

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