FF – When…

Photo credit Sandra Crook


Sylvie sat at her desk, ignoring the quadratics that swirled across the books there. “When I grow up, I’ll never do Maths again,” she said to the man singing on her radio.

At college, she told her friends “When I leave here, I’m going to travel the world,”

“When I get married, I’ll put my feet up,” she said, elbows-deep in suds at the job she got afterwards.

Now she tries to calculate the bills, ignoring the sink full of dishes, staring at the calendar photo of a place she’s never been. “When the kids leave home,” she sighs.


There’s a path going up that hill in the photo, and it caught my eye because it looks really challenging. This last few months we’ve done a lot of just getting through, but I’m also aware that while the view from the top of that cliff is probably stunning, but it’s the climb that makes the experience memorable and worthwhile.

There are loads of songs that try to capture this sentiment, “The Climb” being one of the more famous. The link below is another. And as a mother, I’m used to being told to enjoy the moment, so I know how deeply upsetting that type of advice can be and how important hope is. That being said, I hope we can all learn to live in the moment, even when we don’t enjoy it. After all, tomorrow never comes.



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35 responses to “FF – When…

  1. At least she’s never let go of her dreams

  2. Well said, if we leave things til tomorrow, we never reach that point of self-satisfaction or fulfillment. Motivation to move forward is something that intrigues me. How each person deals with it or lack thereof. We are all on a journey, but some get stuck by the wayside.
    Excellent writing!

  3. michael1148humphris

    I have climbed that hill, but can not do it now. So never put off till what should be done today. I feel for your character

  4. Ah, freedom from the domestic world; will it be too late?

  5. So easy to fall into the habit of thinking there will always be the time later to do what is important to you today. And yes, I noticed that climb up the side of the cliff – not for me, now or in the future.

  6. This is bitter sweet, for a lot of times we promise ourselves tomorrow but it never comes.
    Delayed gratification is good but hope deferred is just …

  7. Good piece, you must never let go of your dreams, as tomorrow never comes but it also never knows, so let every day be an adventure, or at least involve an element of excitement

  8. Well told, the story of many lives of postponed ambitions. At least some make it to the top of that path.

  9. Life loses its purpose without hopes and goals.

  10. We all need to hold on to our dreams, nicely done 🙂

  11. I’d like to think that one day her dreams will come true!

  12. Dear Jen,

    When…it does zip by. I love your take on the prompt, because it’s not about what you’re looking at…wonderfully written slice of lice.



  13. And when the kids do leave home, one misses them like crazy 😛

  14. Deep story with a wise extroduction.

  15. i guess, such is life, something always gets in the way. 🙂

  16. One “hope” I held onto was that when my fourth (and last) child started her first day of kindergarten, I was going to take the longest, hottest bath I could. And I did. It was lovely. Sometimes, we just set our sites a little higher than is reasonable.

  17. Excellent. Very philosophical. 🙂

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