SS – Molasses’ Musings

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Molasses’ Musings

I am a sloth. I do everything slooowly. Talk slowly. Move slowly. I even eat so slowly that I never fart.

Fart is an F word. Other frightening F words are fast, far and falling. I do not like F words.

I do like S words. Like slow. And steady. And sleeeeep.

Sleeping is one of the things that I do best. Some of my human friends find it hard to go to sleep, so I help them with my special meditations. Friends is a special word because it is a GOOD word even though it is an F word.


Yeah, this one needs a bit of explaining! Sebastian loves sloths and collects them in stuffed form, but the original and best is Molasses. Like all my kids’ stuffies, Molasses has his own voice and personality (OK, that’s entirely my fault), in this case revolving largely around his irrational hatred of F words and his love of anything involving S’s (He also likes Ms). One of the best things he does is guided meditations to help Sebastian sleep. I’ve started writing a book of his meditations, because it feels like something that other families would love too – or at least that I’d like to record for Sebastian to look back on. This is a condensed extract from the Introduction to that collection.

Oh, and the title? Well, Molasses wouldn’t want to be part of Friday Fiction, so I thought this could be a Saturday Story. Just for him.

This morning I was asked to make Molasses a strawberry sandwich. He actually wanted sausages, but there’s limited time in the mornings.


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33 responses to “SS – Molasses’ Musings

  1. Simply slitheringly scrumptious

  2. A delightful character, and I enjoyed your explanation. Sounds like you have a highly imaginative boy 🙂

  3. Thanks elmowrites. Lovely fluffy voice. Hurray for Molasses, would he eat any, though….. Two ss, no F. But Strawberries are definitely OK. Friends hip hip hurray.

  4. Oh dear, what about furry toys, they are F words and we let babies play with them. I like the slow nature of the sloth, why rush when there is no need to?

  5. Loved both the story and the footnote, nice one.

  6. How absolutely charming and creative, Jen. And your extroductions are always so insightful. 🙂

  7. As a slow mover myself, I’ve always considered sloths my kindred. I think writing a book of the meditations is a splendid idea.

  8. What a fantastic idea to write guided meditations from a sloth! And I am gobsmacked, in a good way, about the strawberry sandwich. Brilliant.

  9. Oh, I love Molasses! A character after my own heart. I agree – sleeping’s good. So creative of Sebastian (and you). 🙂

  10. Molasses is officially my favorite sloth! Come to think of it, there aren’t many F words I like except, Friday, Fictioneers, and like Molasses, Friend. Oh and Fun, which you story (and extroduction was!) Your son sounds adorable, Jen. Good luck on the book, it’s such a good idea.

  11. Love that FART is an ‘F’ word great piece 🙂

  12. CGraith

    Molasses must be very easy – going to accept strawberries over sausages! Looks yummy though.

  13. A terrific idea. And I could almost hear the sloth like drawl throughout the piece. Well done and full marks for originality.

  14. Aww, this is so sweet, Jen. My son loves sloths, too. ‘Course, he’s almost 25 now so…

  15. Dear Jen,

    How utterly charming. Love Molasses. Perfect story for the prompt.
    My middle son had a bear he got for his first Christmas. It’s now property of his eldest daughter. Travis named the bear Melissa. Her eyes are scratched and her nose has been sewn back on more than once. I don’t think her internal music box still works. At any rate she’s still a member of the Fields’ family.



  16. That’s so cute. I love the name molasses for a sloth. 🙂

  17. Awwwww such a cute story and how endearing that it’s connected to your child and his furbabies ❤

  18. I think Molasses needs his own page…he would have a great following. I love thus story, so cute.

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