FF – Christmas at Grandpa’s

Christmas At Grandpa’s

The boys love spending time at Grandpa’s farm in the summer: they splash in the river, climb trees and barely even glance at a screen. But we’ve never been in the winter. The farmhouse is huge but won’t contain the boys’ pre-Christmas energy.

Grandpa cut a tree and dressed it with candles. It looks amazing and probably won’t burn the place down or ignite anyone’s polyester pajamas. I’m told they did it when Dave was young, so it’s like when the kids play in the river in summer, I just have to believe.

I suppose that’s the point of Christmas.



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21 responses to “FF – Christmas at Grandpa’s

  1. The world is sustained on hope

  2. Thoughts of summer help you float through. I wouldn’t cut trees though.

  3. A beautiful wrap-up at the end. Perfect.

  4. Nostalgia is meant for winter holidays. Good story.

  5. I like those family memories, they make every moment a time of happiness.

  6. Beautifully told, and the understatement at the end, a masterpiece.

  7. Dear Jen,

    I do love the homey feel to this. Merry Christmas.



  8. A heartfelt ending there. Lovely.

  9. I enjoyed reading this, Jen. Of course, many thoughts ran though my mind. Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus. 🙂

  10. I suppose it would be hard for any mother to not worry about harm that could happen to their kids. This is a lovely feel-good family memories being made story.

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