FF – While…

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Make a cuppa while the laundry runs, write an email while it cools, take a deep breath while the page loads… while.

The drive for efficiency makes even meditation a job to do, adding stress to the day. What if we stopped and did things one at a time? They say men can’t multitask, but maybe they’re just better at protecting their sanity than women.

Ponder the patriarchy while trying to think of a story for Friday Fiction.

Or do I mean whilst? Ponder pointless grammar dilemmas whilst your brain aches.

Maybe we should drop everything and cuddle the cat.


We interrupt regular programming to bring you a modern feminist’s rant about the dangers of efficiency. Back to usual next week. Unless I’ve given up everything except cat cuddling.



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36 responses to “FF – While…

  1. I liked the meditation becoming a job too

  2. Agree with all this. That’s why I still enjoy just sitting reading a book – switched off from everything else, no demand to be doing anything else, ignoring the phone. There’s something to be said for focussing on one thing and doing it properly.

  3. No men just mess everything up, and why ruin several things at once, when you can do just one! Nice one, Elmo.

  4. Or you could just take a good book and enjoy a relaxing read while you wait. 🙂

  5. I, too, found the idea of meditation as a chore a good sentence. Sometimes, while exercising, my mind drums up all the other things I could be doing. I think cuddling the cat should be on the top of everyone’s list.

  6. Good stuff, coffee and cigarettes (not many these days) and walking the dog, that’s my jam. Good stuff

  7. LOL…we were definitely of like minds today.

  8. I use whilst more than while. I thought I was old fashioned!

  9. Dear Jen,

    Cat cuddling is a worthy endeavor IMHO. 😉 Love this piece of contemplation. Happy Anniversary.



    • I definitely support cat cuddling as a valid activity… as do my cats! Fake anniversary courtesy of Facebook, but thanks – it was pretty happy all things considered!

  10. Lovely comical reflective piece.

  11. Yes. Go to the cat. Phew I felt every inch of this one.

  12. We do tend to self-impose a lot of pressure to perform. If we could only give ourselves a moment to reflect maybe we’d see it. Good flag thrown.

  13. Jen,
    great subject for this picture since people always do something while the laundry is doing. I try to cram in this efficiency as well, although it’s usually about listening to audiobooks while doing dishes or driving. It all depends on what you’re doing while… 🙂

  14. Sorry, boss! I can’t come to work today. There’s a cat in my lap!

  15. Yes – cat wins every time 🙂

  16. Cuddling the cat seems like a good thing to do.

  17. I like cuddling kitties over laundry myself. But someone has to do it whilst everyone else pets the dog? 😉

  18. Cuddling the cat is always the best remedy. Or the dog. Or the kids. Or the lover. Or the friend.

  19. I’m not sure about all this.

    I am easily distracted. I do listen to books and walk (and sometimes chew gum) at the same time. I have seen women read while walking on the track and listen to music. Not men.

    I do believe that when I have tried doing more than one thing at a time, I mess two things up. I must turn down the radio in the car when looking for an address. If I have a serious conversation whilst I drive, I gradually drive slower and slower (without realizing it), not wanting to mess up anything.

    I enjoy doing and getting things done. It’s been years since I cuddled and drove and drove a car simultaneously.

  20. Always pondering. It’s become the norm now. Eyes wide shut.

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