FF – Adulthood

So much to say about the photo this week, not least because it’s one of mine! Also because I was so inspired by it, I smashed not one but two measuring jugs onto my kitchen floor this morning and now desperately need to go shopping! To make up for it, the crockery in my story isn’t broken today. At least, not yet.

Photo credit – ME! – taken at Waddesdon Manor in the UK on a recent visit.


I remember it so clearly. The grown up feeling that mattered so much. Full sized cutlery. A china plate. No more mac n cheese in a plastic bowl for me; that was for babies. I was the real deal now, and I ate roast dinner with the adults.

To be trusted with something as important as breakable crockery. To carry it, steaming to the table.

I can still taste the supercilious sneer I threw my little brothers eating delicious KD with mouth-sized spoons, that hint of … it couldn’t be jealousy, could it?

That was my first glimpse of adulthood.



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53 responses to “FF – Adulthood

  1. A real rite of passage. Lovely

  2. Wish my 2 could be trusted with grown up cutlery – but not safe yet! Lovely.

  3. I’ve just persuaded my granddaughter to cut her own chicken, and given her a proper knife to do it – her mum has been cutting it up for her for long enough!

  4. Jennifer/Elmo that’s a great pic and some good stories are being generated with it. Sweet and gentle story from childhood. Sounds like the adult way she is starting suits her.

  5. Isn’t it funny how one certain thing is a stepping stone to getting older? For some, it is sitting at the adult table; for others, it’s being allowed to help set the table. This was lovely and thanks for the great pic!

    • Yes, I never really thought about those stepping stones as much as a kid, but I remember a couple of them (this one is entirely fiction) and I notice them even more as a parent.

      • I know I didn’t consciously think of it (other than the sitting at the adult table! Which has become difficult as there are no more children!)

  6. Dear Jen,

    Ah those rites of passage. It seems she’s on cusp and not quite sure about it all. Well done. Thank you for the great photo.



    • Thank you, Rochelle. I’m glad you caught the character’s hesitation as well as their excitement. My boys get a thrill out of grown up plates now, but they wouldn’t be so happy to give up their substitute food!

  7. CGraith

    I don’t remember the transition to china plates but I do remember the cartoon plates when I was little…kind wish I could go back to “fun” dinnerware.

  8. I guess it goes full circle, I won’t be surprised if I start using spoons and plastic dishes again in a few years’ time!

  9. You took me back to my first dinner party in my first apartment with my first love. We still enjoy that memory but I couldn’t tell you what we ate, 44 years ago.

  10. Awwesome picture and story.
    Adulthood is a scam

  11. i understand there’s a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment in eating food on a real plate until you’re assigned to wash the dishes like a grownup. 🙂

  12. Oh! We children we want to grow up so fast, what’s the hurry. You describe a moment where as children we take pride in being almost grown up.

  13. That was great and brouht back a memory long forgotten! 🙂

  14. Nice one, Jennifer and great photo prompt 🙂

  15. Well done. Adulthood is not always what we think it should be.

  16. Oh yes, big girl now. This story brings back memories.

  17. Thanks again for the photo Jennifer. Beautiful manor and endearing story. More difficult to avoid clumsiness in our own home when not in awe of family…. Wishing you many more delightful visits and some china dinners…

  18. Lovely photo and a relatable story!

  19. What’s interesting about adulthood is once we finally get there, we often want to go back. (haha) A nice and well written story of reaching that goal your character has longed for.

  20. OMG! This brought back the funniest memory of my friend telling her daughter she could use a “human plate” when she was old enough. You captured that sentiment beautifully.

  21. Bittersweet, but there’s not going back now.

  22. Awwwwww here is a moment in time perfectly captured! Nice one

  23. Sadly, I cannot recall much about such events. Maybe being the youngest is why. Or maybe because it was sometime in the literal middle of the last century. I do, however, recall the feeling of being treated (be some) like an adult.

    Fun story and great pic, Jen.

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