FF – Lies

Photo copyright Amanda Forestwood


I’ve been played. I should have known. Nobody is that nice and that good looking. Much more likely to be neither. Maybe Andy used fake photos because he’s afraid nobody will pick him otherwise, but I will not meet the love of my life through a lie.

Unless I do. As I walk away from the table and Andy tries to grab my arm and make me stay, I’m aware of a big smile coming straight towards me. I’ve never seen him before but he opens with “Hi sis!”

Andy instantly lets go.

“I didn’t know you’d be here tonight!”


Is it cheating to use the same character 4 weeks running? Again, no need to read previous stories unless you want to. She’s still running into those jokers, but is there hope for her this time?

I’m sure there’s a clever title for this one just out of reach. Feel free to make suggestions. I’m hoping it will come to me in the shower!



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45 responses to “FF – Lies

  1. Looks like a rescue by a knight in shining armour. I wonder if the moment went further. Yea, Sis indeed!

  2. Remember, nobody is this good

  3. A good first impression! Perhaps it was meant to be. 🙂

  4. Well, I hope “Brother of the Big Smile” is a real gentleman as much as he is a rescuer of damsels in distress.

  5. Ugh..another one. I’m so glad I am old. Thanks, I don’t often feel that way. 😉

  6. It sure feels like a meet cute for your character and the bloke with the big grin. I like him already.
    “The Grin That Might Last”

  7. Dear Jen,

    I’ve no issue with your use of the same character as long as the story stands alone and it doesn’t take 300 words to explain. 😉 I hope her “brother” is a man of integrity.
    “Close Encounter” ?



    • That’s my feeling too. I’m glad it’s generally accepted to repeat a character. I read a random selection each week, so I don’t like it when I can’t understand a story because I missed previous ones, but I also enjoy earning more about favourites.
      Pretty sure he has more integrity than Andy, but that’s not a high bar.

  8. The first thing I did when I opened this page was to see if you wrote and “extroduction.” 🙂

    It makes so much sense to write one story using each week’s prompt. I attend a two-hour “speed writing” group where we go through about 4-5 prompts. Some folks do use each prompt to continue a single story or character.

    Title? “Smiling Coincidence”

    Keep extroditing, Jen. 🙂

  9. CGraith

    Great story- love how you used the theme of lying and the opening line from the photo prompt. This character is holding her own each week and I’m glad to read another snippet of her life. Whoever her mystery ‘brother’ is, he is sharp and has a hero vibe. Maybe a keeper.

    • I’m glad you saw the link to the prompt. It jumped out at me but then I didn’t end up using as much of the analogy as I’d planned.
      I hope he’s a keeper, or at least worth exploring further!

  10. Fingers crossed he’s a good one 🤞

  11. you can play safe but sometimes it pays to take the risk.

  12. Just the fact that “the brother” stepped up as a foil between Andy and the woman makes him much better in my eyes.

  13. A guy who sees that she has a problem with her date and comes to the rescue — wonderful. Let’s hope he isn’t married… Lovely story,

    • Yes indeed – to find that guy, and for him to expect nothing in return, that’s the dream. Of course, I’ve been wondering whether he’s already married. Maybe we’ll find out next week!!

  14. Nice story on its own. No one likes to be grabbed and made to stay put. So glad for her smiling hero and hope that works out. It’s nice to be rescued.

  15. Nice save! The guy who bailed her out clearly sized the situation up. Who knows–maybe he’ll be the love of her life 🙂

  16. We all try to present the best image of ourselves, but when one’s best image isn’t even himself, that’s a big red flag. Her savior is also misrepresenting himself, so…

    Titles can be tricky. I’ve written stories where I’ve spent more time on the title than the story.

    • Absolutely – they are all playing a part, so she’ll have to tread carefully to discover who the savior really is.

      Titles are weird. Sometimes they feel unimportant, other times they bring the whole piece togethrer

  17. I have been away from FF for a few weeks due to family dramas and illness, but so happy to read a story based on my pic. I had no trouble understanding the story even though I had not read previous entries. I hope the ‘bro’ is a good guy.

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