Blogging Schedule 2014

In case you’re wondering what comes when, or why my Thursday posts have “Inspiration Monday” in the title, here’s a quick guide to how my posts look at the moment…

MONDAYS – A random post on whatever vaguely-writing-related topic takes my fancy that day. These might include, for example, progress reports, thoughts about an aspect of writing / editing, a book review, or the latest bedtime story I’m telling Sebastian.

TUESDAYS / FRIDAYS – No posts unless something truly exciting happens.

WEDNESDAYS – My responses to the Friday Fiction prompts posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

THURSDAYS – My responses to the Inspiration Monday prompts posted at OR Grammar stuff OR Pieces of a Crossword-solver’s guide

SATURDAYS / SUNDAYS – No posts unless I just can’t wait till Monday.

2 responses to “Blogging Schedule 2014

  1. Peggy

    just wanting to connect with other women who are feeling unfulfilled in some deep way…..writing/literature awakens me…..just want to feel connected to other mom/housewives….

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