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FF – A Rose

I’m on the cover of the book, at the start of the credits. They adore me, and they never see you: the roots that ground me, the strength that holds me up, the sustenance to my beauty. You put in the effort, but all they see is how I bloom.

Or wither. They study my thorns and they pluck my petals. Even in death, I’ll be something else for them to pick at and treasure.

I know you sometimes wish you had more of the limelight; the credit where it’s more than due. But I’ll shelter you from their adoration.


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FF – Fertilizer

A little late this week; the small matters of a house purchase completed on Tuesday and the current house listing yesterday have taken just a little of my attention recently. Here’s Melanie – a recurring character for me. Search her name if you want to learn more of her story.

This snippet was originally 190 words and cutting it nearly made me give up. I hope it’s kept enough to make sense.

Photo credit Na’ama Yehuda


Mrs Mwanna was talking to Daddy because he’s worried about Mummy. They were whispering, but they aren’t very good at it, so I heard him say “She’s too young”. Then, “My only worry at her age was saving for a GI Joe.”

Daddy’s younger than Mummy, so he wasn’t her age yet, but I prayed God to get Daddy a GI Joe for his birthday anyway.

Mrs Mwanna said “Try not to worry. When you pile shit on shit, it just stinks more, but when you pile it on flowers, they get stronger and more beautiful.”

The S word.



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FF – Pins

Image copyright Ted Strutz


Tony, it’s Mum. I’m here!

Great. Remember to drop a pin.

Doing it now…

I don’t see it, are you sure?

Yes. I’m late because I bought some specially. Shall I do it again?

You’re not late, just less ridiculously early. And you didn’t do it yet or I’d see it.

See it? I can barely see it and I’m standing here. It’s lost in the grass. Hang on, I’ll do it again.

Mum. Are you dropping actual pins on the ground? Whereabouts are you?

By the “Garden Path”.

Great. You can lead me up it when I get there.

(This story bears no relation to any actual persons, living or dead!)


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FF – The World’s Oldest Art Form

Image copyright Carole Erdman-Grant

The World’s Oldest Art Form

Grafitti’s the world’s oldest art from. Why everybody suddenly got a problem with it?

The law’s had a problem for a while, young lady.

If Banksy did it, it’d be worth millions. I’m just as good as him.

I’d still arrest him.

You’d rather a boring ugly wall than a nice bright one?

What I’d rather is irrelevant. If an owner wants murals, they…

They gotta pay.

They choose. And yes, they pay.

P’raps I’ll send ‘er a bill.

Perhaps you’ll come with me.

She might like it.

The Queen does not commission murals on her palace walls to doorsteppers.


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The Haunted

The Haunted

I live with ghosts. Ghosts aren’t spooks. They’re memories that you’ve clung onto so long they start to cling back. Hands you held so tightly, you can still feel their touch when they’re gone. Voices that ring through empty rooms.  

Ghosts can be five years old with pokey toes jabbing you in the night as you sleep, and sixteen next morning, when a song comes on that she loved back then. Ghosts can disappear as you reach them, or hang around all day.

Ghosts can stay even while their souls go on living, having kids and grandkids of their own.


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FF – Volcano Warning

Image copyright belongs to David Stewart. The story is mine, with a little inspiration from the real-life Luke and Matty

Volcano Warning

“Over easy,” giggles Luke.

“What’s so funny?” Matty’s building up to blow. The lava was already rising when I made him wear socks, but it’s the job of a big brother to see that and needle.

Maybe Luke’s not trying to annoy Matty, maybe he’s just being a preteen boy who’s discovered the hilarity of innuendo.

“You’re too young to understand.”

Nope. He’s definitely trying to cause an eruption.

A secondary vent spits at me, “Tell me, Mom!”

Throwing myself in the crater won’t help anyone, and it’s too late to run. All I can do is move glassware away.


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FF – Copycat

Photo copyright Roger Bultot


It took hours. Hundreds of carefully-timed attempts. It was dark when we walked home – ten feet tall in bare feet, knowing that our sneakers had joined the lone pair we walked under everyday to school.

Mom went mad. Madder than two pairs of holey sneakers deserved.

Next day, we couldn’t walk that way: police tape, officers and white chalk marks on the ground. Mom walked us round the long way and said we must never go back there. Funny though, someone else had copied us in the night. I noticed there were four pairs of shoes up there now.


Unlike my character here, I never flung a pair of shoes over a telephone wire after school, but like them, I had no idea what it might have meant if I did. In case you are similarly unaware, here’s a Toronto Star article about the possible meanings. This photo reminded me a lot of Toronto, right down to the Raise Plow sign because it’s snowing again today. Sigh.,as%20signposts%20for%20drug%20dens.


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FF – Building up

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields‘ own photo today.

Building Up

As we climbed, I sensed something was about to happen. We always said we wouldn’t get married, that love was enough. But that day it occurred to me that an ancient temple, high above the city, would be the perfect place for you to propose. When you touched your pocket, I wondered what sort of ring you’d hidden there. By the time we reached the top, my heart was pounding as much from the anticipation as from the climb.

Then you pulled out your phone and as you snapped selfies, my heart was tumbling 7000 steps back down to reality.


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FF – Forbidden Fruit

My 2 favourite boys writing their vacation journals about Disney, so a few moments to write up my favourite fictional girl’s view of a tale as old as time.

Forbidden Fruit

If Eve was tempted by an apple, how crap must Eden have been?  Like, she ditched mangos and pizza for a granny smith? Maybe it was a honeycrisp. Much nicer.

She got bored of mangos, I guess. Sarah’s Mum leaves a bowl of Celebrations out all the time. Her Mum told Dad it makes Sarah not want chocolate because she can get it all the time. At school, Sarah trades her chocolates with Luke because his Grandpa gives him bubble gum on Sundays.

Maybe Eve did a trade with the devil – mango for apple. He must’ve thought it was Christmas.


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FF – The Cabin

Thanks to Lisa Fox for the image

The Cabin

There was an old empty cabin on the way to school. We’d laugh as we walked past, daring each other to go inside and meet the ghost of Farmer Woo. He’d been killed by wolves, or on a moonshine run, or at the hands of pirates. We were 200 miles from the nearest coast, but that was just another part of the mystery.

Then one day, there was smoke from the chimney and a boy like us chewing grass on the wall outside. He’d come to stay with his Grandpa, he said. Did we want to come over and play?


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