Friday Fiction

Every Friday, I join part of an exciting and growing group called the Friday Fictioneers. Our leader posts a photograph as inspiration, and the Fictioneers each write a 100 word story inspired by the picture. Then we go round each other’s entries, reading and enjoying, and leaving comments whenever we feel moved to do so.

Here’s an old one from 7 October 2011, when I joined the group. It’s based on the picture below.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to reading your comments…

“It’s medicinal?” asked Josie.


“But it’s rare.”


“So it might help, but if it doesn’t we’re sacrificing a rare plant for no purpose.” She paused with her hand around the stem.

“Better to sacrifice a unique Mom for the sake of a plant?” Ian put his hand around Josie’s and began to pull.

“There isn’t really a competition, is there?” She sighed.

“If this was the last specimen of this plant in the entire world, there wouldn’t be any competition.”

“But it’s called the Corpse Plant.” Josie held him back.

“We’ll just have to hope it’s badly named.”

9 responses to “Friday Fiction

  1. Where’s the Flash Fiction group? That’s about the only sort I have time for these days!

  2. Nicely done, Jen. And plenty of worry on her part. Corpse plant doesn’t offer much reassurance. 🙂

  3. Good little slice of a story! Plotting was amazing and great conversation. You did well on this first post. Bravo!
    Linda Laura

  4. Great use of a sidekick, enjoyed the story, Robin

  5. Madison Woods

    I liked that! Loved the ambivalence of whether to sacrifice the rare plant, loved the realization that mom was rare, too.

  6. Thanks everyone! I enjoyed writing it, and 100 words exactly is just the kind of silly challenge I love!

  7. One of the best of this Friday’s crop. Please, please continue to grace us with your writing. Very nice conversation, story and execution.



  8. lovely capsule story and humour

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