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Friday Fictioneers – Fireworks

This weeks’ FF inspiration comes from Lora Mitchell  and is hosted as ever by the incomparable Rochelle.

As an extra challenge, Rochelle has asked us to include a genre heading above our stories this week. Which leads me to a great admission – I don’t really know what genre most of my writing falls into. Occasionally, I have been known to write a thriller, chick-lit or something else specific, but for the most part, I just write mainstream fiction. The characters are realistic, live in our own world and do things we could do. The MC is not necessarily female, though, and the focus is rarely her love / sex life, so I don’t think it’s chick-lit. If I think of the books I read which have a similar style, they are not found in one fo the genre sections of the bookshop or library, and the “genre” note on the back of the book almost always just says “Fiction”. So I think my genre is just Mainstream Fiction, but that feels like a cop out.

Suggestions on this, or any comments / crit about the writing are always welcome.




We’re together under the midnight sky. I can feel his warmth as we move, slowly, carefully at first, then quickly, but still with care. Gasps and sighs fill the air around us.

We come together, perfectly timed. Mine, a flurry of sparks, escalating in a series of stronger and stronger bursts; his, a single world-shaking flash.

I want to enjoy my own moment, but it feels overshadowed by his – always higher, stronger and bigger. It makes me feel a little blue, even in the moment of delight.

When the night is over, what remains falls to Earth, spent and cold.


If you were thinking of suggesting the genre “Erotic Fiction” for this story, ask yourself whether this is in fact the story of two people who set up and let off fireworks for a public display, or indeed from the POV of the firework itself (thanks, Ted). Then consider whether you’ve just got a dirty mind 😉


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