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Living Language

It’s NaNoWriMo, so I’ll keep this short. Further to my post praising the development of the English language, here’s someone else singing how I feel about the flip side of that debate.


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2012 / 2013: Taking Stock

Given the date, it seems only appropriate that today’s post looks back over the last 12 months and forward over the next 12. Not only is it about to switch from 2012 to 2013, but I am celebrating 31 years on the planet.

WordPress tells me that 600 people have summited Everest this year, and if everyone who achieved that were to read my blog, it would take Everest 19 years to catch up. Which makes me think two things, first 600 people have been to the top of Everest this year? That’s almost two a day, since when was it so achievable? And secondly, it’s a bit depressing to think that my blog has only had 19 times as many views as the highest place on earth – probably in fact, fewer people have seen Elmowrites than the summit of Everest, since most of my visitors come back multiple times. Sigh.


But I’ve been reading about teaching children resilience, and the first lesson is to practise it yourself. So, woohoo, 19 times as many views for my little 1-year-old blog, versus just 600 for a mountain as old as the hills. Take that, Everest!

So, seriously, 2012. In my mind, this has been a year of great change. I’ve from Employed to Kept; Wife to Wife and Mother; Tenant to Homeowner; Wannabe Author to Published Wannabe Author. I wonder, if we were DINKy (Dual Income No Kids) before , are we OIKs (One Income, Kid) now? Basically, over the past year, I’ve switched into a whole new life-stage and become well and truly a Grown Up. I have accidentally embraced this song right on cue and I’m pretty happy about it.

Who knows what 2013 will hold? Hopefully a bit of stability, lots of family time and, of course, as much writing as I can fit in. I’d like to work on more publication, which means a year of writing, editing and submitting. This time next year, Rodney, we’ll be millionaires!



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