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Friday Fiction – Shells

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the Friday Fiction posts last week – hopefully I’ll be able to dedicate that much time more regularly again soon, because it’s a real highlight in my week. Sadly, it won’t be this week and if you leave a comment (and I’d love it if you did), please forgive me for a short delay in reading it and replying. If you’d like to know more about my distractions recently, take a look at Monday’s post.

Today’s picture comes from Susan Wenzel and as always the other responses can be found at Madison Woods’ site. Enjoy!


Amy watched the crabs in the shallow water. Their sideways motion made their approach indirect, an elaborate dance to close the few inches between them.

She thought how human courtship was similar. Right now, Liam was throwing sand over a pretty girl, not because he didn’t like her, but because he did. And the girl was squealing at him to leave her alone and probably hoping he wouldn’t.

She remembered how Andrew had wooed her indirectly too, when he told her his friend thought she was gorgeous, and could he buy her a drink to apologise. All those years ago.


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