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Friday Fiction – Tea Party

What a great idea – to recycle some old prompts while Rochelle takes a well-deserved break from commanding the massed ranks of the Fictioneers. Let’s hope we can all survive her absence! Her blog still hosts the rules, prompt and links to other stories. This week’s prompt came from Mary Shipman.

My original story for is can be found at this link if you’re interested. My new story is below. I’d love to hear what you think, about either or both! I’m also away this weekend (sadly not in the same place as Rochelle, but happily at the wedding of a very dear longstanding friend), so please forgive any delay in reading / responding to your comments and extreme curtailment of my reading / commenting.


Tea Party

“Welcome, welcome,” cried Florence, bustling around the little sitting room, a whirl of crinoline and scarves. “Sit wherever you please.”

I perched on the edge of a too-small chair, and glanced around. The furnishings were tired and mismatched, but their mistress was clearly proud of her little house, and the warmth of its welcome vastly outweighed its lack of style.

“Maisy, sit up straight. We have company!” Florence whispered aloud, “Daisy, could you pass the sugar please?” Then, when her daughters answered her only with vacuous smiles from plastic faces, “I’m sorry Mummy, but you know, they are only dolls.”


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