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FF – Copycat

Photo copyright Roger Bultot


It took hours. Hundreds of carefully-timed attempts. It was dark when we walked home – ten feet tall in bare feet, knowing that our sneakers had joined the lone pair we walked under everyday to school.

Mom went mad. Madder than two pairs of holey sneakers deserved.

Next day, we couldn’t walk that way: police tape, officers and white chalk marks on the ground. Mom walked us round the long way and said we must never go back there. Funny though, someone else had copied us in the night. I noticed there were four pairs of shoes up there now.


Unlike my character here, I never flung a pair of shoes over a telephone wire after school, but like them, I had no idea what it might have meant if I did. In case you are similarly unaware, here’s a Toronto Star article about the possible meanings. This photo reminded me a lot of Toronto, right down to the Raise Plow sign because it’s snowing again today. Sigh.



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