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Friday Fiction #2

It turns out I got muddled about the different between pages and posts. hh, the joys of learning to blog. So anyway, my friday fiction posts will in future appear here, along with all my other musings. I hope you enjoy them and, as ever, please feel free to leave comments (good or bad).

This week’s inspiration, as ever from madisonwoods.wordpress.com was this picture:


“I’m here to enrol my daughter into your class. I hope it’s OK, she’s got her own horse. They are inseparable.” Mrs Dray laid her purse on the desk.

“We do normally provide the horses here.”

“I know, but they’ve been riding together since she was a little girl. You see, Ginger is blind. Josie is her eyes.”

“Wow. A lot of people wouldn’t have bothered. It’s hard enough to take care of a horse as it is. A lot of people would have had Ginger put to sleep.”

“Ginger is my daughter.  Would they still put her to sleep?”


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