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Using your judgment

Another grammar point today, and this time a word with particular importance to me as a former lawyer: Judg(e)ment.

It’s another place those pesky Yankees* have messed with, but this blog is about British English, so use Judgement in all circumstances EXCEPT in the legal sense, where it is definitely Judgment.

The Judge used her best judgement when preparing her judgment

The Americans, being lazy*, never bother with a silent e when they have the opportunity to spell words wrong (wrongly?) and use “judgment” for all circumstances. I even found a “Writing Tips” website, which reads “I suppose it’s because I’m an American, but I can’t see any reason to keep the e before a consonant if it’s not needed to soften the g.”

Well, my friend, how about this for a reason: Because that’s how it’s spelt. You can’t just change the spelling of a word because you feel like it.


*Yes, Janet & others, I’m deliberately goading you – it’s a highlight of my week these days!


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