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FF – Horizons

Photo credit: Bradley Harris



Daddy’s driving, so I’m on “Are we nearly there yet?” duty. It’s exhausting.

“Mama, mamamamama?”

Deep breath. “Yes, honey?”

“How far away is the horizon?”

“As far as you can see.” I think about expanding but it would be nice to just be able to stare into the silence for a bit.

“Mr Jenkins said people’s horizons are closing in on them. He says soon we won’t be able to see over our own garden fences and we’ll be at war with our neighbours.”

Mental note for Monday: check the teacher’s mental health. For now…

“Let’s play I Spy.”


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FF – Lockdown

It’s my photo this week. The picture shows part of the Rouge River near Toronto Zoo. It’s a beautiful place and feels a lot like freedom on day trips from the city. We take the kids often and let them paddle, climb and explore. It’s one of those places that is wonderful in every season. We went a lot this winter, when there was nothing else to do and nowhere else to go, but this particular story takes place back on the city streets, inspired by those bleak ‘eyes’ staring out of the image.

Toronto has had the longest lockdown in North America (one of the longest in the world; depending how you measure it); as we gradually lift restrictions, it’s clear that lives have been saved, but you only have to talk to a few people to learn the cost of the lockdown. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have done it, I’m just saying we need to acknowledge the losses and find ways to minimise their effects.


It’s our designated hour for walking.

I remember the first weeks, when we skipped in the Spring sunshine, enjoying the freedom and the fresh air on our faces. We’d take chalk and leave trails for friends to follow. After our hour, we’d retreat inside, draw rainbows and paste them to our windows.

The rainbows are faded now. The sun’s shining, but we trudge. I catch a glimpse of a face pressed against the glass. His eyes are empty; he is young enough not to have known the Beforetimes. I wonder if he’s young enough that he will see the After.


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