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FF – Summer Rerun – Uphill Struggle

This week’s rerun is one I suggested. Reading through my previous contributions, I felt this was a favourite. It’s a lot less intense than a lot of my stories have been over the years; I suspect I’d recently watched a romcom to put me in this mood, but who knows? It’s also a happy example of when I’ve managed to wander a decent distance away from the prompt photo, although the title still links it.

The story is here.

While I’m here, and in a rather tangential link (rerun – run – walk), if you would like to sponsor me and Sebastian for a walking challenge in aid of Sick Kids, please wander over here. It’s a great charity, doing lots of great things for children’s health in Canada, and although we have been fortunate only to need their telephone helpline (so far, touch wood), I am very happy to know that a fantastic children’s hospital is nearby if my kids ever needed it. No expectation, but thank you if you do!


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