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Friday Fiction – This Crazy Dream

OK, keep hold of your seats, I have managed to avoid families this week! Slightly later than normal to the Friday Fiction party, but here at last. As ever, I welcome your comments and critique, and thank you for taking to the time to read my stories. Our inspiration picture comes from Melanie Greenwood. All rights to it our hers; the writing is my own.


This Crazy Dream

“I had this crazy dream last night,” Marcie said, trying not to watch the door. “There was a maze.”

“Uh-huh,” said Laura.

“And this goat said the winner of the maze would have whatever their heart desired.” Marcie relived the moment, swirling in fantasy, where Laura had pushed her into the mud and sprinted among the hedges.

“Who won?” asked Laura, hardly listening.

He walked in: Laura’s boyfriend, Steve. Marcie’s heart pounded as she relived another scene: he found her, lost among the topiary, and held her close, his lips on hers.

“Well, you reached the middle first,” Marcie whispered.


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Friday Fiction – Nothing Before Everything

My story for this week came in an unusual way and I can’t decide how I feel about. Please do be honest in your comments, I appreciate it even if it stings! And if you like it, that’s great too!

Rochelle hosts, long-term Fictioneer, Sandra Crook, whose writings I recommend highly to you, provides this week’s picture.


Nothing Before Everything

“If you could time-travel, where would you go?”

“Or when?”

He laughed, sending tingles through me. “I guess.”

“Seventeenth century,” I said. “All those romantic Shakespeare scenes, being acted out for real, men wearing tights, and…”

“Less pollution too,” he said, kicking an old milk bottle.

“Maybe not,” I said, thinking a lack of rubbish collections might outweigh even our plastic culture. “Just different kinds.”

“What’s so great about men in tights, anyway?” he said.

My legs itched under uniform grey wool. “Nothing, but if I have to wear them, everyone should suffer along too.”

That’s when he kissed me.


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Inspiration Monday – We know

This week’s InMon prompts were tough for me, plus I’ve got a huge to do list, so the writing was a bit rushed. I quite like it, but I’d have liked to have more time to polish and perhaps extend it. Let me know what you think!


Knowns and Unknowns

“We know what we know,” he began, in time-honoured tradition.

“Dad, if you’re going to give me the Donald Rumsfeld treatment, can we just take it as read?” I wasn’t even sure how we’d come to be discussing my love life in the first place. That’s the thing about long car journeys in my family, they somehow turn into confessionals, and then I’m trapped in a steel box with them both, trying not to scream.

“The Donald Rumsfeld treatment?” It was like he didn’t know he did it.

“Come on, Dad. You give us the same speech all the time: there are known unknowns and there are unknown unknowns.” Sometimes it’s good to have a brother – someone who shares your unique understanding of your parents’ foibles.

“A known unknown, Jacob, is something we know we don’t know.”

He was going to do it. He was actually going to go ahead and give the speech anyway. I just couldn’t take it. “Dad. Stop. Please.”

“All I’m saying is that you only know part of the story. There are probably parts to it you don’t even know you’re unaware of.”

“I know, Dad. Look, can we change the subject?” I stared out at the sleet lashing down over the countryside and tried to think of something other than Peter Lassiter and all the things I knew and didn’t know, and didn’t want to know, about why he’d broken up with me. Fiona Acton was a known known. I wished right then that she wasn’t.

“Nice weather we’re having,” said Jacob as the car was slowed suddenly by a deep puddle. Sometimes it’s good to have a brother.


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