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Wow. Guys. What can I say?

When I started this blog, I had no idea whether it would be something I would enjoy or continue. I certainly never dreamed that it would get more than a handful of visitors, I expected those to be friends and family from the “real world”.

Wednesday will be the one year anniversary of Elmowrites. I’ll have posted 124 entries, ranging from short stories to personal commentaries, writing challenges to submissions recommendations. Almost every post has been read by at least one person, the top post (apart from my static pages), Ragondin, has received 120 hits and also generated my busiest day back in April.

According to the stats on my front page, I have 329 followers, but because of the way WordPress works, that includes facebook friends who might never even notice my posts. However, what prompted this post was the arrival over the weekend of draculawidow and Rachel Paterson – my 99th and 100th blog followers! I remember hoping I could get up to 20 and then 50, now suddenly I’ve reached 100, just in time for Elmowrites’ first birthday!

Thank you to everyone who stops by to see what I’m writing about, who shares their thoughts in the comments, and who has hit the “Sign me up!” button to follow what I have to say. Feedback is always welcome – including on which elements of the blog you enjoy reading most and would like to see more of.




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Merry Christmas, Everyone

It’s December 23rd, so this will be my last post before the Big Day, which is why I want to start by saying thank you for stopping by my blog, keeping my stats page looking cheery and especially for your comments over the last few months. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, whether you celebrate it as a festival or just enjoy it as a quiet Sunday, and I look forward to seeign you here again soon.

I’m still looking for more ideas for my 12 Days Of Christmas posts, so please stop by here: http://wp.me/p1PeVl-1Z and leave me your suggestions. I’d love to have all twelve from readers’ comments (if you have multiple ideas, that’s cool too) but if not I’ve got a few thoughts up my sleeve!

Friday Fiction fans, I’m afraid we’re taking a break this week (what can I do? Madison has spoken!) but we’ll be back on the case next Friday, so drop by then!

And as a final note, twelve words for you:

Christmas. Unto us a child is born. And a commercial extravaganza too.


Have a good one!


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