On The Second Day Of Christmas…

Thank you to Jackie for today’s inspiration, the phrase “Oh no, another day with the relatives.” I hope this fits with what you imagined!

If you enjoy this, please consider leaving a suggestion for one of the later days of Christmas in the comments, either here, or on the original “12 Days of Christmas” post from last week. Thanks!

At Night At Uncle’s Inn

My uncle pushes the door closed and comes back to his seat in front of the fire. “More scroungers,” he scowls. “She was even pulling the pillow up the dress trick, like I’ve never seen that one before. No more pregnant than I am.” He picks up his tankard and toasts it towards my Grandmother, who hasn’t moved from her chair since lunchtime, so that I am wondering if she might perhaps have died.

“You didn’t turn them away?” says my aunt, “We’ve two empty rooms upstairs.”

“Those are for paying customers. Nobody who pulls that trick is going to pay their bill tomorrow. We still might catch a couple of late night tradesmen.”

My aunt pushes back her chair and stomps out of the front door. I hate coming here; they fight constantly, my Grandmother smells of rotten food and sharing a bed with my cousins makes my skin itch next day. But Mum insists that spending time with our relatives is good for my spirit. She and Dad have gone to bed already, but I need to stay up as long as Eugene does or he’ll tease me about it tomorrow.


“There. I’ve put them in the stable,” she crows when she comes back a few minutes later. “They’ll pay half rate. It’s better than nothing.” She picks up a piece of mutton and puts it to her mouth, then stops and turns to her husband, taking the tankard from his hand in one swift move. “Oh, and you’d better lay off the beer, protect our baby. I’d be surprised if she didn’t pop tonight. Pillow indeed!”

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  1. Jackie

    Fantastic! Where do you pull your imagination from………I think you need to keep all of to publish next year! xx

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