TGI … Wednesday?

Those of you who have in the past been confused by my posts entitled “Inspiration Monday” that come out on Thursdays aren’t going to like this, but the Friday Fictioneers have converted me to a new confusion.

When I had a part-time job, it made sense to schedule my posts around it – Mondays for random musings, Thursdays for InMon responses (giving me chance to read and think about the prompts, which come out on Mondays) and Grammar rants, Fridays for FF (Once upon a time, all the Fictioneers posted on Fridays).

But now I’ve got a full-time job (in the 24/7 sense), that schedule is purely arbitrary. Last week’s experiment proves that I get more pleasure out of FF if I post early. It will also give me more chance to read the other posts as they appear, as I don’t like to read other responses until mine is firmly in the can.

So my FF story will appear sometime between Wednesday’s prompt and Friday’s deadline; InMon will move about so that there is never more than one post a day. And the part of me that likes order will take a vacation for a while. Yes, that’s right, I’ve gone over to the Dark Side. Blame Rochelle. Or Doug. Or someone.



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6 responses to “TGI … Wednesday?

  1. You are such a crybaby. Your new ’employer’ lets you work at home, and really only cares when he doesn’t get fed on time. I do agree about posting early and being able to read the other’s stories, I don’t really like to read before posting mine either. It is easy to take pot shots at Doug, but I wouldn’t want to rile Rochelle. I will put your new schedule on my calendar, of course.

    Here is one I wrote recently, I’m quite proud of it… I thought you might like to read it…

    • Rochelle knows I love her, Ted; you’re just afraid she’ll post another embarrassing photo! As for my new boss, he’s the best one I’ve ever had, but also the most demanding. I’ll be over to read your trifecta piece momentarily

  2. Live is full of these adjustments (as your employer lets you know daily) so if these are the worst things that happen, you’re in great shape! 🙂 We look forward to reading what you write whenever it comes out.

    Enjoy your Monday, whatever you’re doing!


  3. Delilah

    What’s life without whimsy?

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