FF – Freedom

Waking before the kids for the first time in a while, it occurred to me that it was Wednesday and I could use the time to join in Friday Fictioneers for the first time in years. The prompt is one I’ve used before (see my previous story here: https://elmowrites.wordpress.com/2013/12/18/friday-fictioneers-dreams/) but I decided to make up a new one. I’ve missed my favourite character, Melanie, so I let her have her say about the picture this time and my story is below. Your comments and critique are welcome.

The central FF post is here: https://rochellewisoff.com/2020/07/29/31-july-2020/ with a link to other stories. Thank you again to Jean L. Hays for the photo.



I want to swim with dolphins, but we should let them go free.

We’re caged ourselves now. No parks, no school, no visiting Mummy. Dolphins have been trapped like this forever: staring at the ocean through the bars of a cage.

They say swimming with dolphins makes you feel free, but how can you feel free in a cage? I want to jump off the back of a fishing boat when a pod comes by, and splash through the waves and hang onto a fin when I’m tired, like Daddy carrying me home from school back when there was school.


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30 responses to “FF – Freedom

  1. Dear Jen,

    I’m so happy to see you back in my purple corner of the world! Apt story for the times we’re living in. Well done.



  2. Welcome back. And a great rewrite. Perhaps when we can swim again, we’ll travel beyond the bars of the cage we could never see

  3. Deep truths, beautifully expressed.
    Great piece.

  4. Perhaps after our recent experiences we will have more empathy with those animals we choose to cage. Thankfully we have a little freedom back here, but who knows for how long.

  5. A thought-provoking piece indeed. Well done.

    Here’s mine!

  6. I have only come back to Friday Fictioneers very recently. Nice to see you back. I enjoyed the wistful tone of your story, and can relate to it.

  7. How lovely to see you back here again. You’ll find lots of new faces, I imagine. And yes, I’ve wondered what our youngsters will make of the memories they have of this time. On a bad day, I think maybe it’s as well they get used to this kind of thing early on – this could be the way of the world as they will know it.

    • I certainly think this ‘new normal’ is here to stay for a while, Sandra. My boys are coping admirably, but they miss their friends and the freedom they once had.

  8. Ah! My friend did just that!!! I left a comment on Rochelle’ page with the account 🙂

  9. She sounds like a free-spirited child. Good story.

  10. So true! Finally we are experiencing what we have put them through in zoos, aquariums and water parks. Very well-articulated truths!

  11. Freedom is such a precious thing – for humans or otherwise all life.

  12. I love this piece…we need to heed the words…maybe now we will.

  13. Interesting. When I first saw the prompt, I thought “freedom.” But I couldn’t find a story. Now I see it. Well done.

  14. I’m thankful that not all dolphins are caged. They are sheer joy when you see them in their element, diving and leaping with no restraint 🙂

  15. Great to have you back Jen. A story for the times we live in. We are all caged in now but unlike the dolphins in amusement parks we still have a chance of freedom.

  16. A very apt story for the current times. Dolphins are supposed to be in the sea, not a tank.
    I haven’t seen you on FF for ages!

  17. Paula Sue Bryant, Writer

    Nice analogy, melancholy mood apt for today.

  18. rajkkhoja

    Very good story .

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