FF – Idiom

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When we were kids, Dad used to say “And you don’t take a shower in the high street,” whenever we did something patently stupid. It became a family phrase, one of those private idioms that you take for granted between yourselves, but which raise an eyebrow or a question when used with strangers.

What I loved most about the phrase though, was how it made Mum laugh whenever he said it. She didn’t laugh much, and very rarely indeed at anything Dad said. That phrase, and whatever history had created it, sometimes felt like the glue holding their marriage together.


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42 responses to “FF – Idiom

  1. A strange and rather touching piece, Jen.
    A whole lot of pain in ‘She didn’t laugh much’…

  2. That’s an affectionate and lovely portrait

  3. Dear Jen,

    I love those little shared inside jokes. You built a larger story around it. Well done.



  4. Feels like a very realistic portrayal of a family and a marriage. Nicely done.

  5. Love the thoughtfulness of this idiom. Well done.

  6. michael1148humphris

    I can only echo the above comments, this post warmed my heart

  7. What a great family picture out of a presentation of an idiom. That last sentence is so powerful. A really effective snapshot.

  8. Beautiful intimate slice of life.

  9. Sometimes it’s the little things that hold families together.

  10. GHLearner

    There’s a whole lot of backstory there. Do children ever really know their parents? Lovely story.

  11. Each family has their “thing” or expression. You have portrayed that so well here.

  12. Glad the story is fictional, but I love the tender POV and the convincing realism with which it’s told. Well done.

  13. A beautifully touching piece, so well written!

  14. I love your gentle touch, even as you lay bare the weaknesses of the marriage. You hint at a whole emotional dynamic; wistfulness, loss of joy, and yet a great willingness to do what is necessary to stay together.

    • I think it’s a truth for a great many marriages, at least at times. Strong marriages almost certainly have their weaknesses too 😉 Thank you for your comment, Penny, I’m glad the story struck you

  15. What a touching and authentic sort of snapshot. Brought to mind the little phrases from my own history.

  16. Heartwarming memories of someone’s childhood unveiled in your tale.
    Nicely penned … Isadora 😎

  17. A touching story. I love the ending.

  18. Interesting take on the prompt, very different. Well done.

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