Friday Fiction – Halloween

Once again, thank you to Madison Woods for a stunning photographic inspiration. I’m saving my introduction for after the story, as it contains spoilers, but I do hope you’ll read to the end.


It’s a night fit for horror. The full moon struggles to pierce gathering thunder clouds overhead and rumbles in the distance foretell a coming storm. Bat-like silhouettes flit briefly across the bright spot in the clouds, then disappear cackling into the blackness.

My teenage self would have feared ghouls and vampires approaching unseen in the gloom. As a child, I’d have been dressed as one and demanding treats. All Hallow’s Eve, the Day of the Dead.

But today there are no horrors. Today, I’m busy with the most important job of my life, and so is my brand new daughter*.

* * * * *

Post-Story Introduction

Clichéd, I’m sure, but the picture said ghosts and ghouls to me. However, the end of October has a special significance in our household at the moment, because we’re expecting a baby (*gender unspecified, but I had to pick one for the sake of the story), due 30th October! And what better way to tell you all than through a bit of Friday Fiction?


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56 responses to “Friday Fiction – Halloween

  1. How lovely! Congratulations to you both. And a lovely piece of writing too. Well done on both counts.

  2. A fine cycilcal story, weaving the various stages of growth ever so well, culminating in the birth of the daughter, thus completing the cycle. I never felt the horror and I love this. I’m over here:

  3. joannalazuliportals

    Congratulations! My hairdresser’s son was born on Halloween (random bit of pointless info!)
    I love how the coming child gives the narrator a sense of what’s important in life 😉
    Ours is here (160 words)

  4. Congratulations! What a great surprise!
    The story had a creepy nostalgic feel.
    Mine is here

    • Well, you know I couldn’t write something too bright and breezy, even with such good news in the wings! My child(ren) will grow up with horror in their blood!

  5. Brandon Scott

    #1. Congrats
    #2. I’ve many fond memories of dressing up and trouncing around the neighborhood. Thanks for reminding me of them 🙂

  6. Wow. The perfect ending to a story. Congratulations

  7. Loved, loved, loved this one, Elmo. A great foreshadowing of a magical life to come. (Congrats!) Beautiful descriptions and purposeful narrative combined to make this one of the more unique takes on the prompt. (My prediction of lots of werewolves was dead wrong, happily so, and yours is the only Halloween riff so far.)



    • Hey Doug! Like you, I foretold werewolves aplenty, but there has been the usual mix of everything this week. We should have more faith in the fictioneers!
      Your first sentence made my day. you’re going to have to start being critical occasionally though, or I’ll stop trusting you to be honest! 😉

  8. First, fantastic and second, congratulations! I love the specific imagery and the flashes of reminiscence linking to the future with the baby. *momsigh*

  9. A cool take on the prompt – especially cool because you started off in the creepy direction I expected and then totally turned it. Nice one.

    Brian (

  10. Totally adorable–starting with the Halloween memories right up to your “Memories-in-the-making.” Well done and CONGRATILATIONS!!


  11. Congratulations for the baby, may her arrival overfill your lives with joy and happiness.
    And a good idea, starting with Halloween memories… it sounds nice, hope she or he will appreciate it when he or she is old enough… 🙂

    • Thank you for all your good wishes, ahamin. I think it’ll be a while before any child is old enough to go near most of my writing – Don’t want to give them nightmares!!!

  12. Madison Woods

    Haha! Well, its no wonder your mind is on Halloween already then 🙂 Congratulations!

    • heehee, indeed. Although I was surprised this picture didn’t evoke more ghouls. As I said to Doug, we obviously need to have better faith in the Fictioneers!

  13. The honesty of the writing is very touching.
    Here’s mine:

  14. Great reversal there. Congratulations. A friend of mine was born on Halloween. It gave us the perfect excuse to have costume parties even after we were grown with kids of our own. Great times to come.

    • My life has been sorely lacking in costume parties, so even if s/he isn’t born on Halloween, they may get costume parties whether they like it or not! thanks for stopping by and commenting

  15. TheOthers1

    Congrats! Yay!

    My attempt (much more cliched than yours and not nearly as exciting):

  16. Yay, way to tie your fiction to reality. All fiction writers do this to a certain degree. Happy pre-birthday!

    Here’s mine:

  17. Makes me think of ‘passing the torch’, the first step in teaching the newborn of the glories and perils of Halloween.

    Here’s mine:

  18. Congratulations! And what a unique way to let the world know in a charming tale of times gone by.

    • Thanks Jeannie. It just all seemed to come together, the same week as we were telling people in others way, so I couldn’t resist. And i love how supportive all my Fictioneers friends are.

  19. What a brilliant ending and so not what I would have expected – well done 🙂

  20. rgayer55

    Congratulations. Looks like you have lots of combination Halloween/Birthday parties in your future.

    Thanks for the nice comment on mine too 🙂

  21. rgayer55

    Congratulations. Looks like you have lots of combination Halloween/Birthday parties in your future.

    Thanks for the nice comment on mine 🙂

  22. Congrats on your upcoming joyous event. Your story is nicely written with many nicely turned phrases. Thanks for the comment on my story.

  23. Oh how absolutely wonderful, maybe she’he will have a pagan name!

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  27. Dear Jennifer,

    I seem to have missed this the first time around. Still relevant and wonderful.



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