Inspiration Monday #1: Falling Softly

Apologies for the double post today. My writing friend, Craig Towsley ( has recently put me on to Inspiration Monday, a scheme similar to the Friday Fictioneers, with a main difference of being based on – guess? – Mondays not Fridays. It’s my first time, but don’t feel you need to be too kind – I love feedback and constructive criticism is the best type!

You can see the site (and the inspiration) at Be Kind Rewrite and my story below.

Falling Softly

There is no sound as I descend. The clouds caress my face, but the wind is stronger and gravity is stronger still, so that the result is far from pretty. I’ve seen photographs, I know how it looks: shaped into a hideous visage of g-forces and momentum.

It’s a little like falling in love, I think. Soundless, yet catastrophic. Infinitely safe, yet perilous in the end.

Nobody truly fears falling. They fear hitting the ground. Nobody is really afraid to fall in love, but they are afraid of all the things which come immediately afterwards: the sudden removal of one’s armour and opening one’s breast to the blows only a lover can lay – deliberately or otherwise.

She was beautiful. She was kind. And it was inevitable, perhaps, that I would fall in love with her. But as she caressed my face, she was shaping it too, making it an ugly visage of jealousy and fear, which would eventually show through. And then I had to choose: a parachute to stop me falling, or final surrender to my love.

My hand is on the pilot ‘chute. I could release it any time. But I hesitate, mesmerised by the ground below, and her face behind my eyes.


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12 responses to “Inspiration Monday #1: Falling Softly

  1. Heart-touching… and now I have to decide if I want to jump on the bandwagon… it’s very, very tempting…

  2. KP

    oh, the joy and the pain of love … there is only surrender.

  3. Wow. This piece is extremely cool. “Soundless, yet catastrophic.”
    Reminds me of a Rougemont quote I read last night “love ceases to be a demon only when he ceases to be a god.”

    The fear, the longing, the risk – I can feel it all. Skillfully done.

    Welcome to InMon! Hope to read more of your work.

  4. TheOthers1

    That third paragraph paralleling love is perfect.

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  6. Lora Mitchell

    Your 3rd paragraph knocked my socks off…”….removal of one’s armour…opening one’s breast…” Powerful. I will check out Inspiration Monday and join in …if time allows.

    • I feel that paragraph is where the story hangs – it was where I tried to turn it into more than just “I’m skydiving, it’s pretty” and I’m delighted it seems to have worked for so many readers.
      You should definitely check out Inspiration Mondays. I’m not sure I’ll have time every week, but I’m certainly going to be back!

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