The Trouble With Dreams

I had a dream last night in which someone told me I should start a writing prompt on my blog. Increase the flow of traffic, attract new readers, improve my something or other… just think of all the advantages! So much for reducing the number of times I post, though, so what to do – follow the orders of the great god of dreams, or press on as is?

Well, I’m not really into dream interpretation, but I understand that it’s never quite as straightforward as doing what you’re told, so I think I’ll just file this one in the No column. Along with circumnavigating a small patch of lawn to avoid the rival gang of mice hidden in the grass and finding messages written in between the layers of a piece of paper…



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6 responses to “The Trouble With Dreams

  1. You’ve prompted us for feedback. I’m pretty sure that counts! 🙂

  2. I know the feeling. I didn’t have a dream, but did read a suggestion that talked about hosting/hostessing a challenge, written or photo. But I, too, have more than enough going on and am trying to spend less time online and more in the real world, so that would be counter-productive. And speaking of counters…time to get back to work.


    • I’ve told you, Janet, I don’t believe you exist in the real world with all the time you put into your and other people’s blogs. I consider you to be the fairy godmother of FF anyway, so if you resist the temptation, all the better for those of us who benefit from that!

  3. I have thought about a writing prompt site, but I tend to disappear when I can’t handle life and that wouldn’t do at all.

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