FF – Empty Orchestra

A long, long time ago, I can still remember, how the music used to make me smile. Live music sings to the soul; it’s why I lingered here. Folks arrived buttoned up, then began tapping a foot… swaying… singing and finally they danced. Music made them feel alive… made me feel alive too.

But February made me shiver. The doors closed and I thought the music died.

Of all people, I should have known: The music didn’t die, it just moved on: into laptops and radios, virtual concerts and family karaoke parties. The music went home. Now, so can I.

Thank you to Dale Rogerson for the image prompt that inspired this story.


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36 responses to “FF – Empty Orchestra

  1. A great feeling of hope here

  2. And I hope one day soon it will come back into theatres and concert venues again. It has been encouraging to see so many artists managing to find different ways to write and perform music over the last year, but I miss the live show!

    • I agree absolutely! I miss live music so much, and dancing like a fool in the living room just isn’t the same as doing it in front of thousands of strangers! The drinks are cheaper though 😉

  3. I love this. There is hope!

  4. At last, a positive take! We shall overcome …..!

  5. How wonderfully told! There’s a happy ending though, maybe it’s time to go home, and then return again.

  6. Dear Jenn,

    So bye-bye, Miss American Pie…drove my Chevy to the levee…Now I have an earworm. 😉 Laptops and iPods can’t replace a live concert, can they? Nicely done.



    • Funnily enough, American Pie was not my first thought, but it was where my character took me, and the lyrics were just so relevant.
      Screens definitely don’t work as well, but I’m learning to dance in my living room anyway.

  7. Nice embellishment on Don McLean’s “American Pie.” It fits these times just as well as when it was written.

  8. Hey, that’s my thing!
    Love the way you wove the lyrics into the story.
    A generation lost in space indeed…

  9. Nice American Pie linkup. Music will never die 🙂

  10. I’m glad you brought it to an optimistic conclusion. Good work with the lyrics. Masterful.

  11. Lovely take. I am not familiar with the lyrics, but the story stands well on its own.

    • I’m scandalized there’s anyone left who doesn’t know the song! Qorth a look sometime if you have 8 minutes to spare

      • Non-Western people are usually not that much into Western music 🙂 We have our own rich music traditions to enjoy, quite a vast range in fact. The same applies to literature. I am not saying this out of any upset feelings or to upset you, just giving you a piece of information to give you more perspective into a different cultural thinking, in case you need it in your future writing.

        • Not upset at all. There are of course plenty of Western people who haven’t heard it too… music is so deeply cultural, often in very specific groups. As long as its used as a cultural commonality not a way of excluding outsiders, I think that’s a benefit.

  12. And now despite myself I cannot help but sing along to the song! Wonderful take, Jen!

  13. bearmkwa

    I hear the song you refer to playing in my head… one of my faves. Great story! 🙂 Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie…but the levy is dry…. Well, not really because it’s raining… LOL!

  14. The music never dies, we can count on that. Like so many others, I have Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie running through me head. That’s okay thought. Nicely written story!!

  15. Isn’t it a wonderful thing we have those at-home options? Someday, this will all be behind us, and those concert halls and theaters will be full again despite the at-home options.

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