FF – The Road Ahead

Photo copyright Fleur Lind

The Road Ahead

“I see they’ve got a black doctor now,” Doris indicated the TV. “And is that one gay? Why do they have to tick all the boxes like that? Just tell your story.”

“I think they’re just trying to reflect the diversity of the population.” Working at the home, Maggie was used to some version of the Politcal-Correctness-Gone-Mad conversation, but she couldn’t always let it go. “You know why Bert can’t find the bathroom?”

Doris giggled, “Old coot needs to admit he’s blind and put on his glasses.”

“Yes. It’s easier to get somewhere if you can see where you’re going.”

Extroduction – Totally unnecessary extra words, in case you’re interested in the backstory

Driving in the UK the last week or so, it still felt like the sun was low and blinding almost the whole day . They are significantly further north than here in Cobourg, Ontario, so the short days are way more noticeable. You get used to it if you live there, I don’t remember being as bothered by it years ago, but this time I noticed it a lot.

Anyway, this week’s photo prompt reminded me of that, but also I noticed the combination of the blinding oncoming headlights with the reflected map view. Like it was easier to see the plan of where to go than the next steps on the path. Hence this story was born. No likeness to any persons real or dead is intended.



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43 responses to “FF – The Road Ahead

  1. Dear Jen,

    Perhaps we’ve swung a little farther left than necessary. 😉 Your ending line is a goodie. Between you and me, I’ve gotten really bad about driving at night. My night vision isn’t what it used to be. At any rate, I enjoyed all of your words. 😀



    • Thanks, Rochelle. I do think there’s a happy medium, but in our current divisive world, I’m not sure we’ll find it any time soon. That said, the final line reflects a lesson I’ve tried to learn.

      Being able to see the road ahead is an advantage literally as well as metaphorically. Britain does low-sun and rain well at this time of year and it’s makes for tricky driving conditions. Ontario’s road paint is virtually invisible in wet conditions. I hope your plans don’t often entail night driving, so they are not curtailed by your discovery.

  2. Mistaking the finger pointing for the moon

  3. Clever. That final line struck the right note!

  4. Ahhh, the change of light in winter. This week, we’re up well before dawn. Kids are walking to school in the dark. The street light at the corner was out and a child was hit by a car whilst crossing in the crosswalk.. driver didn’t see them at all. They were wearing black clothes, no light… Can’t wait until time brings us back to commuting in daylight. Ps: child is OK! Driver still terrified to drive.

  5. Hope we can always see where we are going and reach our destination safe.

    The backstory makes sense. We are often reminded of past experiences.
    Have a great 2023!

  6. A clever little story ending in the perfect way for the prompt, well done, Elmo.

  7. I liked the metophorical point, I wonder if Doris will take it in.

  8. CGraith

    Interesting thoughts!

  9. I used to hate September – the sun was in my eyes driving to work and again driving home.

  10. We get about a minute a day more light after Dec. 22, and I treasure the moment. I don’t drive after dark.

  11. Well told, Jen.
    And “you are not lost if you don’t care where you are.”
    I almost decided to read the Extroduction first.
    Diversity is such an interesting topic as I watch the entertainment industry, of course with my glasses on. 🙂

    • My extroductions sometimes contain spoilers, but you are of course welcome to read in any order! One day I like to believe diversity will no longer be a topic worthy of discussion, but we’re a long way from there.

      • Right, Jen. A long way. Humanity will be my favorite topic as long as my mind works.
        I will not read them first until you call them intros. I’ve grown fond of the word, extroduction. 🙂

  12. Good stuff, like the final line and the extraduction, I’m pleased its a thing

  13. Well done tale. Thanks for the story.

  14. Ah, the daily political rant is one that I’m well familiar with. But, to be fair I often do it too. Powerful last line, Jen!

  15. if the road ahead is not to our liking, perhaps it’s time to reconsider changing our liking. 🙂

  16. Well penned! And … I wonder why it is bothersome to have the boxes ticked, when they’d been ticked all along for other ‘boxes’ … but people were blind to the fact the boxes were even there … 😉

  17. Hi Jen,

    I enjoyed your story and wisdom at the end.

  18. Life as a whole seems to be getting more difficult to navigate.

  19. Although for some perhaps, it is getting easier.

  20. Nice! I like where you went with that.

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