FF – Summer Rerun – Uphill Struggle

This week’s rerun is one I suggested. Reading through my previous contributions, I felt this was a favourite. It’s a lot less intense than a lot of my stories have been over the years; I suspect I’d recently watched a romcom to put me in this mood, but who knows? It’s also a happy example of when I’ve managed to wander a decent distance away from the prompt photo, although the title still links it.

The story is here.

While I’m here, and in a rather tangential link (rerun – run – walk), if you would like to sponsor me and Sebastian for a walking challenge in aid of Sick Kids, please wander over here. It’s a great charity, doing lots of great things for children’s health in Canada, and although we have been fortunate only to need their telephone helpline (so far, touch wood), I am very happy to know that a fantastic children’s hospital is nearby if my kids ever needed it. No expectation, but thank you if you do!


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13 responses to “FF – Summer Rerun – Uphill Struggle

  1. I enjoyed that one and it was worth a re-run.

  2. His persistence will pay off!
    Wonder if she is blind!
    Or just dilly dallying?
    Or seeing if grass is greener on the other side?

  3. Nicely convoluted and all in 100 words.

  4. What a wonderful cause. Best of luck with the challenge.

  5. Seems someone is really scared to attach…. but maybe this time there will be no escape.

  6. Clever writing, Jennifer, you said a whole lot in very little.

  7. I’m glad you went with the rerun, Jen, The hard choices people make. My, my, MY!

    Yes, Rochelle will make you write until “superior” is replaced with “brilliant!” You did well then, you’re doing great now. Keep up the good work!

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