FF – Family Road Trip

Thank you to Brenda Cox for the photo prompt. Not sure why WordPress isn’t in the mood to caption it today.

Family Road Trip

“The frogs always drive 2CVs,” my husband jokes as we pass our fifth that day.  

“Wearing a blue beret, with garlic round their neck and a baguette? You’ve been watching too much old TV, Dad.” Luke’s suspicious of our inclination to stereotype.

“If it was properly old, you wouldn’t be able to see the colour.”

Matty looks up then. “Black and white TV ended before you were born.” His voice is slick with disdain.

“That one’s green!” I say, trying to lighten the mood. “It looks like a frog!”

“How apt,” sighs Luke, “A frog car for a frog driver.”

*** Translation notes ***

In case you aren’t familiar, British people tend to call French people “frogs” or “froggies”. It’s generally innocent and affectionate and there’s some debate about where it came from (a summary can be found here), but like most of the national stereotypes and nicknames we grew up on, it probably wouldn’t be approved of by younger, woker generations like Luke.



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28 responses to “FF – Family Road Trip

  1. I like the generational sensibility

  2. Thanks for the link to my article on ‘Frogs’ it is the post that gets most hits of anything I have written on wordpress,

  3. The car does look like a frog. I’m glad the young folks are rejecting stereotypes of all kinds.

    • Indeed. I like to think we are at least aware of these things, and are teaching our children to question them, but sometimes the children teach us too. My kids and I had an interesting chat about halloween costumes this week too.

  4. Luke is right to despair, those days of stereotyping should be long behind us. Unfortunately Brexit seems to have seen a resurgence in them among certain groups of the English.

    • A resurgence of the sentiment, or of the willingness to speak openly about long-held beliefs? Either way, I’m afraid Luke won’t see an end to stereotyping any time soon, but maybe Dad will start to think about what he says.

  5. Good sign, Luke’s cracking a joke, this trip may end well after all! 🙂

  6. Interesting!
    True that we did not know the colour in the B&W era 🙂
    So much associated with frogs! Never knew the French connection & name.

  7. Dear Jen,

    I like Luke’s assessment. Fun dialogue and I learned something I didn’t know. Always a win.



  8. An interesting conversation! As a British person, I like what you wrote in your footnote – so true!

  9. Interesting conversation you stirred up with you story today 🙂

  10. Parents are supposed to embarrass their kids!

  11. I LMAO at this, Jen. Since folks in the USA take offense whenever the wind changes direction, I advocate this kind of humor.
    As a card carrying Mick, I have used the term frog for years.

    For the life of me, I’ve never understood why anyone gets upset with the French for behaving like their French. They are currently miffed at us and the Aussies. More proof that everyone loves Canadians, eh?. 🙂

  12. Ah! To be lectured by a woke kid. Been there, done that.
    We are the sandwich generation – dominated by our parents and now by our kids 🙂

  13. Nicely done, I can feel Luke’s disdain!

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