FF – The Deck Is Stacked

On vacay this week, so posting in haste. Still I couldn’t resist Liz Young’s photo for another step along the path of the young woman we saw the last couple of weeks. You don’t have to read the other snippets to read this one. They all stand alone, but in my mind it’s the same girl, another 6-10 years down the road and still struggling with the reality of growing up.

Photo copyright Liz Young

The Deck Is Stacked

I always thought I’d marry my high school sweetheart. Like the movies. Maybe date the odd joker first, but pretty much just true love and happy ever after. Maybe he’s a diamond in the rough, you know?

In real life they’re all jokers. You’re looking for the king of hearts, but it’s knave after knave and not a diamond in sight – rough or otherwise.

Tonight’s was a classic. Called me “Ace” and said if I play my cards right, he’d take me to his private club. Bleurgh.

I can’t help it, I keep trying. Waiting to deal up a winner.  

As so often happens to me, this story came into my head with a musical accompaniment. I love The Gambler, but with the analogy to this girl’s situation it has a whole different meaning.



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41 responses to “FF – The Deck Is Stacked

  1. At the end of the day, we all want to be Knights, but in real life, we’re Jokers. It’s a tough life being imperfect.

    • I think the trick is to strive for nobility, on both sides, but also accept that nobody is perfect. Pretty sure she can do better than tonight’s effort though.

  2. It may be a long hard quest, but I think she’ll find her knight at the end of it. She needs to stay strong.

  3. Yes, this is so true to life. Perhaps, just perhaps, a new pack of cards is the answer.

  4. And of course, in gambling cards, the House always wins…

  5. Just one more spin of the wheel, one more hand, should do it

  6. Keep shuffling, it’s not time to fold just yet, a knight may be right around the corner for her.

  7. CGraith

    A great use of card themed words! It totally works. Love it!

  8. Dear Jen,

    Kenny Rogers is always a winner. 😉 And so is your story. I love your use of the cards in the quest for the right fella. Hope you’re enjoying your vacay.



  9. Thank you so much for the Kenny Rogers treat – what a star, and dishy with it!

  10. The Gambler was a song I rocked Sebastian to as a baby. Glad you enjoyed the cards analogy.
    Coming home today. Always a low point!

  11. Sounds like she picks them like I do. :/

  12. Oh, yes Jen. Well done and interesting story. I realize you are using “joker” in the loser sense. But still…

    I wish I had a dollar for every woman who told me, “because he made me laugh.”

    Your (on vacay) story prompted me think of the song, “That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be,” by Carly Simon. Also, a piece by Christopher Hitchens in ‘Vanity Fair’ (1 Jan 2007) “Why Women Aren’t Funny.” (For which he was toughly attacked and criticized.)

  13. Well done. Sounds like she needs a new playing field.

  14. It’s said the Jack of Hearts is the card of happiness, perhaps she’s aiming too high!

  15. Loved your play on words very clever:)

  16. Too many joker dudes out there. My story also drew inspiration (if you can call it inspired) from a song.

  17. Like there’s plenty of fish in the sea, there are plenty of jokes in the deck 😦

  18. Kenny Rogers has become an icon. Love his music.

  19. I love this, very realistic of the delicate but capricious nature of finding love.

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